Lose Weight Walking – do you have the right shoes for walking?

January 11, 2010

Exercise & Fitness

An old saying mentions that every journey begins with a single step…Hence, this affirmation is valid also in the situation where you made the decision to follow a regular exercise program. You do not have time for fitness or you consider that you do not need to do such thing, thereby you choose to go out every evening for a walk of 30-45 minutes. Do you ever thought that the first step in this case is represented by the self confidence? Or, maybe, the time where you will start this program? All right, these are also some “steps”, but they have to be made after you have bought the right equipment…


You could ask yourself: why should I need special equipment if I only want to walk? A light outfit is all that I really need. But do not forget about footwear, that has an essential role in the context. I suggest you to buy a pear of shoes especially for walking, nowadays having considerable improvements in the conception and production techniques. If in 1986, when those shoes appeared on the market, they were comfortable and resembled with orthopedic ones, nowadays are as professional created as running shoes, and the production technique is in a continue development.

In principle, running footwear is equipped with small special cushions placed on the interior which gives more stability, but it does not mean that you can not wear something like this on your daily walk.

Conceptually speaking, running shoes are more extravagant from the point of view of the design and color, being available in a wide range than those made for walking. But be careful- the foot of a running shoe is thicker, so it appears the risk of tripping, especially if you are not used to this type of footwear.

It is better to remember that walking shoes are specially made to help you get better stability and to effectuate the right movement between heals and toes, particular to walking ( yes, even a simple walk has its rules!). But if you do not find nowhere walking shoe that would fit you, pick a running pair. It is preferred to look in a store specialized in sport articles, because sellers are also specialized in the field and they could advise you in making the right choose on the pattern, and also on the mark of the product.

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