How to Lose Weight Quickly Using Diets That Work

There are many quick ways to lose weight but dieting seems to be the most popular choice. Everybody is starving themselves trying to lose weight quickly. This is the wrong way to go if you want long lasting results. There aren’t that many diets that work and help you get the results you desire.

Often it is said that dieting rules are made to be broken because they are very hard to obey. You need a will of steel to respect each and every one of them. Usually the more drastic and unhealthy a diet is the more willpower you will need to obey all its rules. It’s like a form of self inflicted torture some of the diets out there.

This doesn’t mean that dieting rules shouldn’t be respected or you should avoid dieting when you want to lose weight. What you have to do is use the dieting rules that are common to all diets that work. That way you will be able to choose the perfect diet for you that is healthy and will help you lose weight quickly.


The purpose of dieting rules is that of eliminating any shred of uncertainty during any weight loss diet. It is a way of getting you mentally prepared for what is about to come and a way to evaluate if a diet is good for you or not. Rules make the diet clearer and easy to understand which in turn helps you apply it easily and obtain your dream figure quickly.

Usually when anybody starts a diet the changes seem harsh and drastic, and the rules seem too forbidding. But once your body gets used to the new eating habits you will notice that you are feeling much better too. The hardest part is stopping your cravings form taking over and destroying the diet. A good dieting plan will always include ways to counter your cravings, making the weight loss experience pretty enjoyable sometimes.

Here are some common dieting rules shared by all quick weight loss diets that work:

You have to stop eating junk food: all junk food is made with the sole purpose of getting you hooked on it. The smell is alluring and the taste oh so fabulous. It is very easy to become hooked on junk food because it makes us feel good. But would you still eat it if you knew how unhealthy it is?

The best way to get rid of junk food is to just clean your house and throw away it all. Empty out all you stashes. I know you have some emergency feel good food. I used to have some feel good junk food for just in case and I must say that my body suffered a lot. I gained weight and the stashes kept increasing not diminishing.

If until now your snacks were all made out of junk food rick in calories and fats like chips, you have to start making better choices. Avoid eating foods containing lots of fats, calories and salt. Believe it or not but you can stop being hungry between the meals by eating healthy food. You can prepare a healthy snack out of carrots with salsa sauce for example. If this doesn’t sound that appetizing you can eat a fruit. There a plenty of fruits to satisfy your tastes, and you can even make a fruit salad.

Modify your favorite foods to make them more healthy: having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you cannot eat your favorite foods. If you starve yourself you won’t succeed to finish the diet and get the results you want. Instead of starving yourself and letting cravings take over your mind you should modify the recipes of your favorite foods making them more healthy.

Use more raw and fresh ingredients in your cooking. Create everything and don’t buy premade precooked foods. You should also change your cooking style. For example instead of frying some foods you can try roasting the, which is much more healthy. Owen backed potatoes are fabulous and also help you lose weight.


Eliminate stress form you life: it is true that stress is a part of everyday life but it shouldn’t rule our lives. When the amount of stress becomes unbearable then your health is in grave danger. Anxiety and constant pressure makes people turn to food as a quick way to feel just a little better.

It is very important to learn effective methods of eliminating stress. That way you will be able to achieve a healthier lifestyle easier and quicker. You don’t have to fight your inner demons, especially cravings, at every step. Exercising and meditating are great ways of eliminating stress form your life. You should also give your body all the vitamins and minerals it needs. That way you will feel energized and stress won’t have a change before you.

Plan your meals if you want to lose weight quick you have to plan your meals for each day. This way you will create healthy meals because you have all the necessary ingredients. If you have everything you need before hunger strikes you won’t be tempted to eat some unhealthy fast food. Huger can drive even the most rational person to rash actions. To avoid making bad eating decisions that you will regret later you have to plan your meals and have them ready just in time. A good healthy habit you should get is that of never feeling hungry or stuffed during the day. Meal planning is the quickest way to lose weight in a healthy way.

Get rid of all the foods that aren’t nutritious. Stop eating chips, crackers, cookies, candy, pizza and all fast food. Include in your menu whole grain biscuits and bread, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and low fat meat.

Create a schedule for your daily meals and respect it. Try to eat each meal roughly at the same time at the day. Your body will get used to it and will stop holding on to each and every piece of food you eat because it doesn’t know when the next meal will come. Your metabolism will become faster and you will lose weight quicker. Also enjoy your meals. Take enough time to eat your meals and feel the taste of each and every small bite.

Stop drinking anything that has calories in it: drink water instead of soft drinks. If you drink tea or coffee don’t add sugar. If you really cannot drink coffee or tea without being a little sweet use honey.

A healthy drink that is also a healthy snack are fresh fruit and vegetable juices. I recommend you start juicing to quench your thirst and stop hunger in its tracks at the same time.

Make wiser carbs choices: eat whole grain products instead of white flour products. Eat more sweet potatoes and avoid any aliment that contains huge quantities of carbs with no other nutrients that benefit your health. You should consider eating more beans and lentil.


Avoid constant snacking during the day: the more you eat the bigger is the chance of getting fat fast. This goes double when your are ravenous. If you allow your hunger to get out of control you will binge, stuffing your belly full of unhealthy foods half chewed.

You have to change your eating habits which will require quite some willpower to do. It is true that snacking plays an important role in any diet but constant snacking is a sure way of breaking the rules of any diet. Even if you eat healthy snacks all day long you will still get fatter. You will get fat slowly, but the result is the same.

You should eat 1-2 maximum 3 healthy snacks per day. The purpose of the snacks isn’t that of making you feel good. They are not feel good food. Their purpose is that of keeping hunger at bay until the next meal time comes along. To lose weight quickly and keep the weight lost off you will have to master the fine line between a meal and a snack and also avoid constant snacking.

Eat only healthy desserts or no dessert of all if possible: dessert is the most problematic part of any meal. There are millions of sweet foods and they all are so good. Unfortunately just a few are good for your body. You should get into the habit of eating nonfattening desserts that are also healthy. You can eat almonds, peanut butter in small quantities, dried fruits and of course fresh fruits. Avoid eating sweets rich in fats and sugar. Get in the habit of eating healthy desserts and you will be amazed how quickly you will start losing weight.

How to choose the quick weight loss diet that works and is right for you

All the above mentioned rules are intended as a check list of things to look for when you are trying to decide which diet to follow. There are thousands of diets available and choosing one can be pretty hard. I recommend you go with your gut feelings.


Create a list of as many diets that respect the above mentioned dieting rules. Get as many diets that works as you can possibly find. A good place to start is to browse the Diets & Nutrition archive from this website. After you have your list all you have to do is go with your gut feeling. Which one seems the easier one. Which diet do you think you can follow and get the results you want? Pick that one and use it.

Remember that diets aren’t cut in stone. You can customize and adapt the diet you choose to follow. Creating a personalized diet I believe is the best way to lose weight quickly. If you created it is far more likely you will stick with it. You can merge 3 or more diets, picking the parts you like and create a new diet. It might not work as good as the original diets but you will follow it and in time you will get the results you desire. In time you will also refine the diet and make it much more efficient. You will get in touch with your body and you will learn how to give it exactly what it needs.

I would love to hear the personalized diets that you have created. You can write them in the comments below or email them to me using the contact form from this website.

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