Ten one minute exercises for a firmer body

January 15, 2010

Exercise & Fitness

In everyday life you can exercise for short periods of time to maintain your muscle tone, even if you do not have time for regular training. Find out how you can combine your daily activities with a bit of physical motion, for a firmer body.

1 Slow down your movements: it was found that if we move relatively… slow, we stress our muscle resistance. So if you move “in slow motion” in time you can obtain a better muscle tone.

2 Tone up your buttocks while you wait: When you are waiting for the bus or your turn at the doctor, get used to making exercises for your buttocks. Strain your buttocks, then relax it and repeat this exercise through the whole wait.

3 Use the advertising time: Nothing is more annoying than the interruption of your favorite film by advertising breaks. Use this time to exercise your arms and torso and… eagerly await the next break.


4 Exercise your balance: Every time you find a few free moments, sit on either legs, with your eyes shut. This way you will strain you buttocks, your calves and improve your balance.

5 Clench a medicine ball: There are a lot of stressful times in our lives… moments in which we resort to tics. Let your irritability go to a medicinal ball, that you squeeze as much as you want and you will also have very firm arms.

6 Take vitamin E daily: A study performed by Tufts University in Boston confirms that the persons that took vitamin E on a daily bases over a three month period obtained much more resistant muscles. What are you waiting for?

7 Exercise when you are making conversation: During endless phone conversations, stand up from your chair and do twenty squats. Control your breathing so that you do not sound suspicious.

8 Strengthen your neck: After hours and hours of sitting at your desk, migraines and neck pains are “at home”. To prevent this, put your forehead in the palm of your hand and push your head as hard as you can, then repeat with your chin and temples.

9 Whilst using the sink: Use the time you spend washing your teeth or your hands. In front of the sink, start moving your hips from left to right and reverse. An excellent manner to tone your torso.

10 Climb the stairs for your good: You definitely heard that climbing stairs helps you stay fit, but not to tire yourself, start at a slow pace, than increase the speed and breathing rhythm. Results will not cease to come.

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