Liquids and dieting: the importance of water in a diet

April 13, 2009

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Our bodies are 70% water and life cannot be imagined without water. Water purifies, washes and nourishes us. Clean water is necessary for a good health. Water is a base component of other liquids necessary in dieting, like natural juices and vegetables soups.

Water is your primary ally when you want to clean your body, internally and externally. Water helps you detox your body and detox is the first and necessary phase of every diet. Detoxing your body should become a habit for you, something to do from time to time. The simplest detox method is the water one, as much clean and refreshing water as possible.

So a day of liquid dieting is the best thing you can do at the beginning of any diet. There is also a psychological factor to consider. One day in which you drink only water and natural juices is a border day that separates the former bad nutrition habits and new healthy eating habits. It’s the first pace towards a new and much more healthy life. It’s also a testing day for you.


Ayurveda, a thousand years old Indian traditional medicine, recommends one liquids fasting day per week, even outside of a diet. This day is especially recommended for the Kapha ayurvedic type because they tend to gain weight very easy. Also drinking boiled water all day long in small sips helps clean the ama(toxins) from your body. Ayurveda considers that ama, toxins, are the main factor of disease in your body.

Vegetable and fruit juices have a detoxifying effect and also bring necessary nutrients in your body. To benefit to the maximum you should use a mixer or blender and also add some water to make the whole thing more liquid. If you prefer juices with less texture you can use a juice maker. Any solution that you choose you should drink only fresh made juices . The so called natural juices bought in the supermarket are poison for your health. They are not a source of vital nourishment for your body. One or two days of drinking fresh natural juices will bring a jolt of vitality, energy and will help you maintain your weight.

Vegetable soups can also be blended and eventually thinned with water. To benefit from enzymes, the living parts of a fruits and vegetables, you should alternate between natural juices and vegetable soups.

Teas are maybe the most loved alternative to drinking natural juices. They have a pleasant taste, a nice color, and are cheap. Well at least it beats drinking pain water. From all the teas the green tea is the leader. Green tea is full of antioxidants that are helpful for a healthy body. All teas contain some beneficial substances that are extracted from the plants. Usually it is indicated to find a specialized medic that can indicate the perfect plants for you. The effect of different plants are different from one person to the other. And the best part is that anyone can get relaxed with a cup of tea in hand.

The only way to make a better tea is to infuse the plants in cold water over a long time. That way you will be able to keep a bigger proportion of the vital substances from the plants. If you infuse the plants in water with a too high temperature a good part of all the beneficial substances are destroyed by the heat. So you should place the tea bags in cold water and left at the room temperature for about 6 to hours. Do not let the infusion last more than 8 hours because germs will affect it’s properties.

Our bodies are directly linked to the vital liquid. So we must respect it’s importance in our lives. One glass of water, cold infused tea or natural juices can bring you more health than you could ever think. All you have to do is include them in your diet. And you will never go back because the miraculous effects will make you a believer for life.

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