Ayurveda weight loss and the ayurvedic types

April 9, 2009

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In a world were stress is at every step, pollution is rampant and medicine fails at treading numerous diseases, more and more people turn to the oriental alternative therapies for help. Ayurveda is one of them and it can help you lose weight and get a more healthy life.

In the philosophy of the Ayurveda therapy every person can be included in one of the three distinct ayurvedic types named dosha. They are a combination of physical and psychic characteristics. We have the Vata ayurvedic type representing air and having a tendency towards dryness. Pita is the fire ayurvedic type that is oriented towards excessive energy consumption. Kapha is the water of earth ayurvedic type that is directed toward solidity. Even thou everyone is preponderantly one type, all ayurvedic types are expressed more or less in everyone. Important are the dominant characteristics.

The basic idea of Ayurveda is the attainment of a balanced dosha through a good lifestyle and diet. The purpose is to get healthy and live a quiet life, stress free. In trying to identify your own dosha you have to evaluate your entire physical and mental state throughout your whole life. Don’t base your conclusion on your observations related to the last few months. In Ayurveda it is considered that a person who was thin all her life, if she is suffering from a weight gain of 20-30 pounds, it means that an unbalance took place that must be corrected through a correct diet.


The characteristics of the Vata ayurvedic type:

  • -a fragile constitution, with thin bones
  • -small breasts and narrow hips
  • -dry skin
  • -enthusiasm, sensibility, creativity, lack of practicality in most thing they do
  • -changing moods, frequent anxiety
  • -they hate the cold and love the sun
  • -they eat frequently but in small quantities, their digestion is uneven, they have a tendency of getting constipated
  • -they love traveling and change
  • -they spend money easily
  • -the sexual behavior varies according to their mood

The characteristics of the Pitta ayurvedic type:

  • -an athletic body build
  • -blond or read hair
  • -very white skin or with freckles
  • -self assured persons, aggressive sometimes, intelligent and calculated, ambitious
  • -self disciplined but also very nervous
  • -they love challenges
  • -they eat a lot and have a good digestion
  • -they love luxury
  • -they have a huge sexual appetite
  • -they fall asleep fast and easily

The characteristics of the Kapha ayurvedic type:

  • -massive persons, tall and fat
  • -oily skin or with the tendency to become oily
  • -regular features that are very pronounced
  • – they are tolerant, compassionate, loyal and calm
  • -they have an extremely good memory
  • -they have the tendency to be greedy and can become very possessive
  • -they sleep a lot and hate uncomfortable places
  • -they love sweets, especially the creamy ones
  • -they eat a lot especially when dealing with emotional problems
  • -female Kaphas have a clockwork menstrual cycle and are very fertile

Depending on your ayurvedic type you can choose a Ayurveda diet that will be right for you. Also you must follow a certain workout schedule and take care of your body in different ways. Ayurveda can prove to be the weight loss method that you have been expecting all this time. So try it out and see how it fits.

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