The basic ayurvedic diet rules for weight loss

April 9, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

In the ayurvedic therapy food is considered a medicament, with the condition that food must be home cooked and be suitable for the eaters dosha.

Ayurveda has a set of basic rules that aren’t that far way form what the western medics claim to be the right diet for a healthy life. So there is nothing to stop you from following the basic rules of the ayurvedic diet. And the rules are:

  • – never eat when you are angry, upset or tired
  • -wash your hands and face before eating
  • -eat more at home than at the restaurant because the home cooked meals with love is mote nourishing than the food sold for a profit
  • -when possible eat in the company of dear friends who have a relaxing presence for you
  • -pick a quiet, pleasant and clean place to eat
  • -don’t drink cold water or milk while eating because only warm water helps your digestion
  • -eat at every meal a quantity of food that would fit exactly in your hands while they are together
  • -choose to eat fresh fruits and vegetables
  • -clean your teeth after every meal and try to go out for a short walk
  • -try to avoid sexual intercourse, studying or sleeping for two hours after eating
  • -watching television while eating or after you have eaten will slow down your digestion

For specific ayurvedic diet information related to the different ayurvedic types you can:


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