Weight Loss Maintenance Secrets for a Sexy Body

April 9, 2009

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Everyone is unique. That’s why you have to learn to pick and choose carefully the quantities of food that you can eat daily without gaining weight. If you have lost weight recently, after a couple of weight maintenance weeks you will learn new eating habits that will help you keep your weight. Follow closely the reactions your body has to different aliments and create for yourself the perfect weight maintenance diet. Ideally you would eat savoring what you like and consuming in small quantities the foods that are considered enemies of your new sexy shape. That way you will satisfy your cravings and not run the risk of putting on the lost weight. Keep in mind the following rule: you eating habits have to be flexible enough to make you feel free and not deprived. Take care to give your body a balanced nutrition.

It is extremely important to steer away for carbohydrates because they can redirect your weight loss program towards weight gaining. You should consult daily a chart with the caloric value of the foods that you intend to eat. Keep on weighting yourself every week. You can eat one meal rich in carbohydrates per day.


You should eat raw salads and low fat barbequed meat. You will get in the same meal all the vitamins and proteins your body needs.

Workout regularly. The best way to maintain your weight is by working out regularly. Walk, jog, bicycle, go to the gym, dance while you listen to music, clean the house doing more movements than necessary, avoid the elevator. Use your creativity to put lots of movement in every day.

Have fun and go to parties. Feel good and serve one slice of cake or a cookie. Make an exception but get back on the maintenance diet the following day.

Try and avoid eating after 18.00 o’clock. But if you get hungry after that hour you can eat a fruit or a low fat yogurt.

Never ever combine meat with potatoes, rice or pastas. You can eat any kind of meat with side dishes of vegetables prepared with different spices for a fabulous taste.

It is good to have 3 balanced meals every day at an interval of around 5-6 hours. Between the meals you can drink natural juices. Always watch out the quantity of bread, sweets and fatty foods that you eat. Watch out for fatty foods that might be mistaken for low fat foods. If you feel the need to eat some junk food pick up fresh fruit.

You have to drink 8 to 10 cups of water every day. For two or three times a week you can drink light diuretic teas. Don’t exaggerate with the diuretic teas because along with the water you lose a lot of minerals.

Always maintain control over your weight. If you find out that you have gained some pounds that can’t be explained by the normal fluctuations of weight don’t panic. Go on the weight loss diet for a couple of days until you get back to your ideal weight. You have to be especially vigilant until you body gets used to the new weight. Maintenance is much more easy then loosing weight.

Remember that you are the master of your weight. You have worked hard to lose the surplus weight and you have the power to do it again and again if needed.

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