How to treat the muscle soreness that you get after the first workouts

April 10, 2009

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You have just started working out. Just after the first workout all your muscles are in pain like you have been hit with a sledge hammer all over your body. Well that’s the price you have to pay for being a sloth until now. But be grateful that there is a remedy for your muscle soreness.

The muscle soreness that you are feeling is due to the lactic acid that has build up in your muscles. In general this muscle soreness is created by an anaerobic workout. When all your muscles are in pain all you wish to do is to hit the bed and stay there. Big mistake. You will notice that your muscle soreness will disappear as you do more and more physical activities. Movement speeds up the metabolic process that eliminates the lactic acid from your body. Also you can try and take a hot shower or bath. The warm water will dilate your blood vessels making much more easy the assimilation of the lactic acid. Also you are going to feel more relaxed after the hot bath.


Usually in the treatment of muscle soreness aspirin is used. Aspirin doesn’t help in the curing of the muscle soreness. All it does is the blocking of the pain receptors. So the bad news is that the muscle pain won’t last less but at least you won’t feel it as hard as you would.

Many workout instructors and coaches judge the intensity of a workout by the muscle soreness that you will get after. That is a mistake because the muscle pain that you are feeling are just an indicator that you have done too much effort too fast without your body being prepared. Your resistance to the workout should be build in time. At the beginning it is indicated that you take at least one day of rest between the workouts. Your muscles have to rest and get repaired. And if you want to measure your workout sessions then you should set some goals and achieve them. For example you could strive to being able to run for a whole hour on the tread mill at a relatively high intensity.

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