How to lose weight by making simple changes to your dietary habits

September 24, 2009

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Small things can make a big difference when it comes to weight loss. For example, suppose that you eat a chocolate bar per day and drink one soft drink. By making small changes to your diet and replacing the chocolate bar with an apple and the soft drink with drink tea you will lose 2 pounds in a month without doing anything else! Simple but yet very effective. There are many other similar tips you can follow on how to lose weight. In this post we outline 6 simple tips of everyday life.

1. Meal Variety. Weight loss does not mean that you should only eat certain types of food. Most of the weight loss diets forbid the consumption of certain foods. This at the beginning is no problem but after a couple of months (or less) you get bored. You cannot eat the same foods all the time. Include a variety of healthy foods in your diet. What you should take care of is to select foods that are not only low in calories but also low in fat and sugar. Do not exclude any food type from your meals. One day eat chicken and salad (without the dressing), the other day eat turkey and low fat cheese. Try to eat foods that you like so as not to get bored and quit your efforts.


2. Spices in food can help you lose weight. This is a great tip that works very good. Spices, such as chili peppers can reduce your appetite for food. The ingredients of chili peppers help in sending signals to the brain that you are no longer hungry. This process usually takes 15-20 minutes. In other words it takes up to 20 minutes for the signal that we are full to reach the brain from our stomach. When eating chili peppers this process becomes faster and so you eat less.

3. Avoid coffee drinks full of fat and sugar. We all like a frappuccino, a latte or cappuchino. These drinks are delicious but the problem is that they are also full of calories, sugar and fat. If you want to accelerate your weight loss then you should try and avoid them. Replace them with black coffee or at least coffee with a bit of low fat milk. A frappucino may contain up to 820 calories. This is 3 times the calories found in a regular soft drink. If you drink one frappucino per day then is like drinking 3 soft drinks. On the other hand if you replace frappucino with black coffee then you will save at least 700 calories per day. Multiply that by the frappucino you may drink in a month and you will see that this simple tip will save you a lot of pounds! If you are addicted to coffee you should also find out how to stop your coffee addiction.

4. It is very well known that a good breakfast is essential for weight loss. This however does not mean that you should eat anything you want for breakfast. You need to watch what you eat. For example a simple morning bagel may include cheese, sour cream which are definite calorie killers. Choose a bagel with low fat cheese or if this is not possible do not eat the whole portion. Eat a third in the morning and leave the rest to be your lunch. In the meantime you can eat an apple or pear for snack.

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