Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day for your metabolism

April 29, 2009

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The role of the breakfast is to awake your metabolism from a 10 to 12 hour fasting. While you sleep your metabolism slows down and burns up less calories. Breakfast is the alarm clock of the metabolism telling your body that sleep time is over and it must get into full gear. For your body breakfast is the fuel it needs to function all day long. When you go to work without eating something is like trying to start the car on an empty fuel tank.

Studies have shown that adults like children suffer if they are deprived of their breakfast. People that skip breakfast are less happy, mentally and psychically. Glucose is an essential nutrient needed by your digestive system. That is why you must eat something first thing in the morning.


It is easy to skip breakfast if you are on a diet thinking that you are saving calories. Sure that is true but it is also true that your metabolism will be slow, will burn less calories, and you will get fatter not thinner. So instead of suffering of hunger it is far better to eat something to jumpstart your metabolism. The only downside is that the options for a healthy breakfast are few.

Isn’t it true that sometimes you get hungry soon after eating a meal. The explanation are simple carbohydrates, like baked goods, that pass fast into the bloodstream creating a sugar rush. When the sugar rush passes as fast as it has appeared you get a mega hunger. The solution lies in eating complex carbohydrates like the ones from cereals or whole wheat bread and proteins from dairies and light cheeses.

The human body is a well build machine. It’s up to you to keep it running efficiently and at top performance. You must feed your body the best fuel you can and for that breakfast should never be skipped. It’s far more important than you can realize.

A 2001 study has showed that a healthy nourishing breakfast is far more important in a weight loss program than the total number of calories eaten that day. People that eat cereals for breakfast and eat healthy tend to be much more healthy body. You should eat as much fibers as you can and reduce the quantity of fats you eat. On the other hand people that skip breakfast tend to be fatter because they eat more during the day and the body has the whole night to pack fat allover.

A good and healthy breakfast can contain cereals, skim milk, low fat cheese, fruits, whole wheat toast, fresh juice made of fruits and vegetables, green tea… If you have more suggestions of healthy aliments for a healthy breakfast write them down in the comments below.

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