How to Stop Your Coffee Addiction: tips & tricks

June 3, 2009

Health & Motivation

The first step towards putting an end to your coffee addiction would be reducing the quantity of coffee you drink daily. Replace the big cup you use to drink coffee in the morning with a smaller one. And drink just one cup of coffee in the morning. DO go drinking 2 cups because they are smaller now. The idea is to reduce the quantity of coffee you drink.

The second step is to drink coffee less and less and drink natural energizers in increasing quantities. You could try scheduling by day the consumption of coffee and natural energizers. One day you can drink coffee from the small cup and the next day you drink healthy natural energizers from the big cup.

If you don’t do the alternating coffee/natural energizer switch by days at least pick one day a week in which you won’t drink coffee. You won’t die and you will get your brain used to fighting the urge of drinking coffee.


Good healthy replacements of coffee are green tea, guarana, rooibos, or other combinations of energizing plant teas and concoctions. Energizing teas are great, healthy and also have a good taste. You can drink them cold or hot and even combined with fresh healthy fruit juices. Natural energizers don’t have unhealthy side effects and give you a beneficial energy. The energy you get is pleasant and it helps and maintains your psychic equilibrium and your focusing capacity.

When you feel tired don’t reach for a cup of coffee. Reach out for a energizing tea or a fresh natural juice, or both combined. As a warning don’t replace coffee with caffeine bases sodas that are promoted as energizing drinks. Caffeine is the coffee component that if taken in large quantities is unhealthy.

Coffee frequently has attached a social experience to it. The good news is that you don’t have to renounce drinking coffee altogether. Coffee frank with moderation is even healthy and beneficial for you. Just make sure you control the quantity of coffee you drink. Keep it low.


When you feel the need for an energy boost make a conscious choice between coffee and other natural energizers. When you meet with friends you can still talk and tell stories at a cup of coffee. That way coffee will become a more special experience. Don’t abuse the use of coffee. Use it wisely to your benefit.

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