The Ayurveda Pitta diet

April 10, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

Your main concern is keeping your weight between normal limits. You have a considerable appetite which if it isn’t satisfies leads to rage episodes and nervousness. Even though you want to lose weight constantly you crave for fat and spicy foods that harm you on the long run. You should really avoid excess salt, red meat, eggs and heavy foods in your meals. Fried foods are especially bad for your health and weight.

Ideally you would eat 3 meals per day that are at least 4 hours apart. The most important meal should be lunch. At lunch you should eat light foods filled with water that will help you in maintaining your weight. Also try to eat less for dinner.

The recommended foods for the Pitta ayurvedic type are: cheese, butter, fresh fruits (like watermelon, apples, plums), fresh salads, avocado, spinach, fish meat, potatoes, rice, natural juices, black tea.

The foods that you should steer away from are: white bread, sour cream, fried eggs, fatty meat, spices( like pepper, paprika), mayo filled sauces, nuts, peanuts, almonds, pistachio, chick peas, baked sweets, black beer, artificially sweetened juices, instant coffee.

If you want to find your ayurvedic type just read the Ayurveda weight loss and the ayurvedic types article.

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