The Ayurveda Vata diet

April 10, 2009

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Your main problem is a bad digestion that predisposes you to constipation. You are always on the move and you are very agitated. You have the tendency to eat fast and that is why you suffer from bloating almost all the time. Try sitting down while eating and chewing good your food before swallowing. Also choose to eat aliments that help out your digestion like whole wheat bread. Ideally you would eat several times a day, at pre scheduled times, leaving an interval of about 3 to 4 hours between every main meal and light snacks.

Breakfast is very important for you. You should never skip breakfast. For dinner all you need is a plant based tea or warm milk to help you fall asleep faster. Avoid black tea or coffee and beer also because they are to powerful stimuli for your body. Stay away from the sweet fizzy drinks because they make you bloat. Try to rest after every meal because your stomach must get the chance to digest the food as best as he can.

The recommended foods for the Vata ayurvedic type are: whole wheat bread, oat and rye flakes, rice, sunflower seeds, fresh cow cheese, milk, eggs, chicken and fish meat, fresh juicy fruits (like strawberries, peaches, pears, grapes), unsweetened plant teas, decaf coffee.

On the list of aliments that you should stay away from you will find: white dried beans, peas, onions, leek, hot peppers, pork meat, fizzy drinks, sparkling water, coffee, black tea.

If you want to find your ayurvedic type just read the Ayurveda weight loss and the ayurvedic types article.

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