How to Enjoy Eating Food While On a Weight Loss Diet

July 16, 2010

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I’m not a glutton. I am an explorer of food~Erma Bombeck

Being on a weight loss diet doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy food anymore. On the contrary. You should find the power to enjoy the diet food you are eating as much as possible. That way you are more likely to stick to your dieting plan.

The first thing you should do before getting on any weight loss diet, is find foods compatible with that diet that you actually enjoy eating. If you can find some foods that can even quench your most frequent craving you are guaranteed to succeed at following that weight loss diet.

There are lots of low calorie desserts, and tasty foods that you can eat. Some diet plans even provide them to you. Just do your research and you will find lots of options to choose from. Start with looking at fruits, maybe even trying out some new exotic fruits. Fruits are always a good start in this case.

Before committing to a certain weight loss diet plan, cook come meals to make sure they are eatable. If you start a diet only to find you can’t stand the food the diet recommends, you will have yet another dieting failure on your hands. By testing the diet food in advance, you are guaranteed to enjoy the diet food you eat while losing weight. Who know you might even find some new tasty foods that strike your fancy.

Adapt your diet plan if needed. Say you like only 50% of the food found on your diet plan. For the 50% you can’t stand try and find comparable food that you enjoy eating. Look at the diet plan and try to understand why those dreadful foods were included on the menu. If their presence is required because they provide an essential nutrient while dieting, try different cooking recipes or a food that contains the same nutrient and fits well in your weight loss diet plan.

By customizing your weight loss diet plan you will enjoy eating your diet food a lot more, this increasing your lifelines of actually sticking to your diet exponentially.

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