10 Lies and Myths about Dieting and Weight Loss Diets

August 5, 2009

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The authors of diets and weight loss plans promise the moon and the stars and make all kind of scientific recommendations. Here are some myths and lies about dieting and weight loss diets that are spread around.

The fight against fat is one with no end, especially for women. As easy as you get a muffin top as hard you get rid of it. That is why most of us are on a constant quest to find new and better weight loss help.

But if you want to lose weight and look sexy forever you have to change your lifestyle and eating habits. You have to see through the lies and myths spread around the weight loss world. Most lies and myths are related to miracle diets that help you lose weight super fast and with no effort. Here are just some myths and lies:

1)Proteins help you lose weight: Totally false. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles, bones and the internal organs. But eating more proteins doesn’t mean you will get bigger muscles and that the fat from your body will melt away miraculously.

2)The secret to a good weight loss diet are negative caloric foods. This myth will make laugh even the most sober nutritionist. There are no foods that make your body burn more calories in the digestion process, than the calories you get form them. The so called negative caloric foods don’t exist.

3)Enzymes burn fats. Eat tons of pineapple and your waistline will get curvier. Wouldn’t that be fabulous. You would pay a fortune for pineapples because everybody would buy them. It is true that exotic fruits like pineapples and papaya contain many enzymes but their role in the body is that of helping it digest proteins. They don’t help you melt the fat away.

4)Don’t eat fatty foods if you want to lose weight and avoid getting fat. It is true that fats are the biggest enemy of a slender figure because they contain twice more calories per gram than proteins or carbohydrates. But overeating will make you fat regardless what you eat. Eating lots of boiled rice will make you fat.


5)Fat people eat more than skinny people. No really. Studies have showed that on average overweight people eat less food than skinny people. The reason for their weight problems is a slow metabolism, hormonal problems, genetics… Keep in mind that keeping to many strict diets will destroy your metabolism.

6)Your ideal weight is found form charts. Be serious! Those numbers were used by an insurance company in the 50’ based on some data gotten form some of their subjects. Today it is known that the ideal weight is the weight you feel comfortable with. Not some artificial rules. I believe that every person should strive to look and feel sexy.

7)Vitamins increase the burning of fats form the body. Boloney! Sure vitamins have a role in the burning of fats. But they play no role in the melting of the fats accumulated in your body.

8)Food combining diets work without counting calories. Wrong! Your body is capable to digest at the same time different kind of foods. Besides on a molecular level many foods have the same structure but have different quantities. Carbs and fats are found in the same foods. But overeating is still overeating and it will make you fatter. If you give your body only the food it needs, maybe a little less you will lose weight.

9)Healthy eating is the way to lose weight. Not only healthy but adequate also. I can cook some fattening but healthy meals like you won’t believe possible. The solution is to eat less fatty foods and eat more fruits and vegetables. That way the portion size doesn’t have to shrink if you want to lose weight.

10)You need lots of discipline and willpower to lose weight. Fortunately not. The best way to lose weight and ensure your success is to take small baby steps and change your eating habits and plan for mistakes to happen. Plan to eat a bar of chocolate and make it a reward. It is much more easy to change gradually than change your lifestyle altogether in one swoop. So be careful which weight loss diet plan you choose to follow.

The fabulous miracle weight loss diet that works for all. No such thing. That is why if you decide to lose weight but you don’t know which weight loss diet to follow here are some tips:

  • -choose a diet that will fit with your lifestyle and way of being. It’s not worth the effort to change your whole life to lose just a couple of pounds. Then again if you are obese a lifestyle change might serve you better on the long run.
  • -don’t try to cook all the recipes recommended by your nutritionist or diet. You will get frustrated sooner or later. As tip: the food will never look like in the pictures so don’t try to make it look like in the picture. It’s a waste of time.
  • -choose a diet that gives you lots of choices. That way you will avoid monotony and getting bored with your diet.
  • -avoid diets that have a lot of rules and forbidden foods.
  • -the foods recommended by the weight loss diet should contain foods rich in carbohydrates and have few fats. That way you will have the energy to get through the day and lose weight at the same time.
  • -think before starting a diet. Some weight loss diets stretch on long periods of time. Make sure there are no events planned which will force you to abandon your weight loss diet.

What is your favorite diet that had the best result for you? What are some dieting tricks you know? Share them with the world in the comments below.

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