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April 9, 2009

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Often in our busy lives we are tempted to eat all kid of unhealthy food for us. From chips and doughnuts to fast food the list is very long. Unhealthy snacks with much more calories than you could ever need are attracting you everywhere. Because you wish to keep your weight constant or even shed some pounds you should be much more carful at what you put into your mouth. Adopting a healthy lifestyle will lead to certain changes in what you eat.

Being always on the run you don’t have time to eat in peace and quiet and you have to contend with a bagel or a fast food meal. The traditional meal of 2 to 3 courses and lasting one full hour is reserved only for special occasions or if you are lucky for the weekends. Who can’t remember the siesta, sitting around for a while after a meal to make it settle. Eating habits are hard to change, but you can pick up new and improved habits.

Never skip the breakfast. The breakfast is the main meal of the day and it should contain one quarter of the calories that you need for one day. Especially if you have a hectic eating schedule you need a good a breakfast that will give you the necessary energy at least till noon. To avoid the feeling “I can’t eat anything in the morning all I can do is drink my coffee”, pick for the breakfast foods that you like to eat. Indulge your cravings during the breakfast.

Drink around 8 cups of water every day. You can replace a part of the water with unsweetened teas and fresh squeezed juices. Even if you aren’t thirsty, drink water, a little at a time, during the whole day. Thirst rears her nasty head only when you are dehydrated and the effect is a loss of focus power, irritability and nervousness.


Don’t drink sweet sodas that are full with calories and synthetic additives. If you feel the need for a fizzy drink prepare yourself a lemonade with lemon or orange juice, honey and sparkling water. It’s much more healthy.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Buy little amounts and restock the fridge constantly. If you can you should shop for fresh fruits and vegetables every day. The longer the fruits and vegetables are kept the more of their nutritional properties are lost. That’s why you have to buy and eat as fresh fruits and vegetables as you can.

Check the labels on the food you buy. Avoid buying foods that have lots of additives, the Es, preservers or synthetic flavoring. If you can afford it only buy organic foods.

Cook in small quantities and eat all the food you have cooked the same day. If you have cooked larger quantities of food don’t heat all the pot but just the serving you are going to have.

Eat warm foods at that have the room temperature. Avoid eating hot or cold meals.

Try to get all the vitamins and minerals that you need form the food you eat so that you don’t need the help of artificial food supplements.

Chew you food good to help your digestive system out. Also the meal will last longer and your brain will have the necessary time to give you the I had all that I need signal. If you eat in a hurry you will overeat because it takes some time for the body to react and send to the brain the message that you can stop eating now. The I am full feeling appears after about 15 to 20 minutes after a meal.

Don’t drink water during the meal because it will dilute the gastric juices and your digestion will be slower.

Don’t watch television while you are eating. You will have the tendency to eat more then you need because your attention is focused on the screen and not on the plate.

Eat several healthy servings during the day to keep the blood sugar at a normal level. If the blood sugar drops too low you will feel tired, without concentration power. Eat fruits, yogurt, cereals, a raw salad, a sandwich and avoid junk food. Your figure won’t suffer any repercussions and you will have the necessary energy for all the activities you have to carry out.

Eat fruits as snacks and not as desert after a meal. There should be one hour interval before and after a meal before you can eat fruits.

At night when you arrive at hone don’t go directly for the fridge. Take some time to relax before setting the table and eating. Take at least 30 minutes for cooling down.

During dinner don’t remember or tell the others the bad events and what a crappy day you had. Try and keep a happy mood and keep your focus on what you are eating.

It’s all about making the right lifestyle choices and get a healthy life. Hope you will implement some of these ideas in your lifestyle.

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