Why constipation is bad for your weight loss diet

May 9, 2009

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Overweight is usually associated with constipation unfortunately. Constipation and overweight coexist in a vicious circle that gets reinforced from each side. Constipation generates the accumulation of toxic wastes in the shirrs of the intestines. Over time the toxic wastes become petrified and the process of assimilation and disassimilation are hindered. This clogging of the intestines has a negative influence on the weight loss process and favors the accumulation of pounds.

The detoxification of the body before starting the weight loss program is not an option but a necessity. Before going on a weight loss diet go on a detox diet first. The detoxification diet will help your body eliminate the major toxic residues accumulated in your body, especially those from your colon.


Here is a recipe you can use to help your colon get unclogged and ensure a greater chance of success for you weight loss efforts. You will need:

  • -5 spoons of bran
  • -one spoon of honey
  • -1 spoon of virgin olive oil

The three ingredients are mixed together and you pour on top of them one cup of water. Stir it a little and let it soak for 5 hours.
The resulting concoction will be drank at 22 o’clock, and the last meal should be around 19 o’clock.
The process has to be repeated for one week daily and you can redo it as needed.

After your colon will be cleaned of old petrified wastes, your body will react much better to your weight loss diet. Pick a weight loss diet based mainly on fruits, vegetables, water, teas and fish. Avoid diets bases heavily on proteins: meats, cheeses and cold cuts. Bran and germinated wheat aren’t recommended for weight loss but they sure are good for detoxifying your body. You should eat them before the weight loss diet using the recipe mentioned above.

For advice on how to avoid constipation during the weight loss diet read the Constipation treatment: what foods to eat to treat constipation article.

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