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Why constipation is bad for your weight loss diet

May 9, 2009


Overweight is usually associated with constipation unfortunately. Constipation and overweight coexist in a vicious circle that gets reinforced from each side. Constipation generates the accumulation of toxic wastes in the shirrs of the intestines. Over time the toxic wastes become petrified and the process of assimilation and disassimilation are hindered. This clogging of the intestines […]

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Constipation treatment: what foods to eat to treat constipation

May 6, 2009


Are you tormented by constipation? You are not alone. Many have had at least one encounter with the dreaded constipation during their lives. But the good news is that there is a miracle cure: food fibers. If you get constipated often there are many reasons for it. Here is a short list of the main […]

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