The Fruit and Vegetable Diet: lose weight and detox your body

August 6, 2009

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Many people follow a fruit or vegetable diet to lose weight. Some keep a vegetable and fruit diet to regain their lost energy and detoxify their body. Whatever reason motivates you to go on a fruit or vegetable diet, you only stand to benefit from it.

The fruit and vegetable diet is a healthy diet, easy to keep and not that costly which can help you lose 30 pounds or how much weight you desire to lose. You might even say that the fruit and vegetable diet is one of the best balanced diets out there. It has all the features to make it a hit. It’s healthy, easy and relatively light on the pocket.

You can go on a fruit and vegetable diet from 1 to 5 days. All you eat is fresh fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices with no sugar in them. You can also eat canned fruits and vegetables, but I recommend you choose the fresh ones. If you decide to eat canned fruits and vegetables read the label for the amounts of salt, sugar and food additives it contains.

The fruit and vegetable diet is a super easy to follow diet. You are not confused when it comes to what you can eat and you have a great variety of choices to satisfy your appetite.


You will lose a couple of pounds. It depends on your metabolism how many pounds you will lose. If you have a very fast metabolism you will lose more pounds. Usually the goal of a fruit and vegetable diet is not that of weight loss but that of detoxing your body.

By going on the vegetable and fruit diet for a couple of days several time a year your body will get regenerated. You will eliminate a huge quantity of toxins form your body. The best part is that by detoxing your body you open up the gate and increase your chances to lose weight. Your metabolism becomes more fast and a fast metabolism burns more calories daily.

A tip: while on the vegetable and fruit diet avoid chewing gum. The low number of calories you intake daily form the fruits and vegetables combined with the lack of proteins in your food will make you feel weakened. So please don’t chew gum while on the fruit and vegetable diet.

Also don’t plan intense physical activities while you are on the fruit and vegetable diet. You should also avoid intense mental tasks. Going on this diet while on vacation or during the weekend is a good choice.

Drink lots of water and stop drinking coffee if you can. You can drink green tea instead of coffee. It’ is much more healthy because green tea has many health benefits.

When you go off the fruit and vegetable diet start eating solid fatty foods slowly. Start with light foods and work your way up. Start with a yogurt, cheese and toast. That way your stomach gets a chance to get reacquainted with harder to digest food.

Have you ever tried the fruit and vegetable diet? If no you should give it a try. If yes tell others how it was in the comments below.

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