Nutrition for your brain: the right food for the brain

April 23, 2009

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If you want to have a healthy brain you have to feed your brain the right food. Your nutrition plays a huge role in helping your brain perform at its full capacity. The following foods are recommended for your brain:

Fruits and vegetables: Our ancestors used to obtain form nuts, vegetables and fruits 65% of their necessary daily calories and 100 grams of fibers (that’s 10 times more than our average daily fiber consumption). The fresh fruits and vegetables offered them vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that we can match in our modern times only with the help of supplements.

Fish: It is said that fish makes you smart. Any saying must have a certain amount of scientific truth. For the health of your body it is important to strike a balance between bad fats , omega 6, and good fats, omega 3. In the stone age that balance was perfect, 1:1. In out days because of all the refined oils and the fatty foods that balance is almost all on the side of the bad fats. How can you brain function when it I drowning is unhelpful fats. The best thing you can do is feed your brain omega 3 fats from fatty fishes like sardines, salmon and herring. Also you should limit the consumption of processed fats.


White chicken meat, without the skin: Our ancestors used to eat game meat with 4,3% fat content compared to the 20-30% fat content of our modern supermarket meat.

Nuts: Even if they are rich in calories they contain good fats.

Eat less cereal based products: Cereals aren’t bad for you brain but aren’t helpful either.

Eat less sugar and sodium. Eat less processed foods.

Take mineral and vitamins supplements to help you take your brain to peak performance

Every brain is 60% lipids so you need fats to ensure its good functioning. A healthy brain has elastic and flexible membranes. A nutrition full of bad fats can make them more rigid. That is why it is important to understand which are the good fats and which are the bad ones

Fats that stimulate your brain:
-the decosahexaenoic acid or DHA: the most powerful stimulant from the omega 3 type of fats. You can get it from fish, seafood or supplements.
-EPA: another omega 3 fat that is very good for the brain. You can get it from fish too.
-linoleic acid or LA: found in veggies, nuts and seeds.

Fats that are bad for your brain:
-saturated animal fats: from meat, milk, butter and cheese.
-hydrogenated vegetable oils: margarine, mayonnaise, processed foods.
-trans fatty acids: margarine and fast food.

The best supplement for your brain with proven scientific result is fish blubber. It helps subdue the free radicals, improves fact retention, acts against depressions and degenerative neurological diseases

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