How to keep your brain healthy

April 23, 2009

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It is said that we are what we eat. You can eat aliments that will make you feel good, foods that make your digestion more smoother and make your hear healthier. Now science has demonstrated that almost everything we eat has an impact on the health of the brain.

The brain is the most active human organ. Your brain transforms, develops and regenerates itself all the time. At the same time your brain is very sensitive to the environment that surrounds it. As we age it contracts. Your brain is affected by the hormones which are released when you are under stress. It is influenced by the free radicals that are running around in your body. That is why it is important to take good care of your brain. Your brain needs to be healthy just like any other part of your body. Maybe more so.


The best way to ensure your brains health is by working it. Your brain need to exercise too. You must never let your mind become lazy. Always feed your brain with stuff to do, challenging tasks. Then you have to workout. Aerobic exercises help the blood flow more abundantly especially in the front cortex. Also aerobic exercises stimulate the secretion of chemicals that fight against the free radicals. Last but not least what you eat has a crucial importance to the health of your brain.

To keep you brain in peak condition you have to feed it in accordance to its genetic origins. You have to eat just like our ancestors used to. For millions of years our genes haven’t suffered any important mutations. No changes took place to our genes . But our diet has suffered a radical transformation. In the stone age 65% percent of our diet was made of fruits, vegetables, nuts and honey. 35% of our ancestors diet was made of hunted animals, eggs, fish and seafood. What do we eat today? 55% of our alimentation consists of cereals, dairies, sugar and sweeteners, processed fats and alcohol. 28% is made up of fatty meat, chicken meat, eggs, fish and seafood. Only 17% percent of our diet is made up of fruits, vegetables, nuts and honey. Our modern human life has brought us a diet that isn’t healthy at all for our brains.

To find out what you should eat for a healthy brain read the Nutrition for your brain: the right food for the brain article.

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