The 21st century’s black plague: obesity

April 23, 2009

Health & Motivation

It sweeps faster across the world and is as dangerous or even more dangerous than the medieval black plague was. It is obesity and it’s little brother overweight and they are sweeping across the world making people sick and tired. And the worst part is that we fall into the trap of obesity with happiness. Food is so good and tasty, I am so depressed, this food will make me feel better. In a blink of an eye you start gaining fat deposits while losing physical endurance.

And if you don’t believe it’s an epidemic just look around. You can’t go outside your home without seeing just one overweight person. Sometimes you don’t even have to leave your house. And the worst part of fatness is that it is contagious. Well at least the fat man’s mentality is contagious. You see obese people everywhere and the more you see the more you think it is normal and acceptable to be fat. Nobody can say anything to a really fat person. You have to protect their feeling. And so the vicious circle starts. And at the beginning, when you are just overweight, you feel good you aren’t obese, and you continue to overeat. But in no time you will become obese too. But thank God that there are always fatter people than you are to comfort you that you aren’t like them. But let me tell you a secret: pretty soon you will be just like them. Also there are other overweight people who look at you and think they are doing great since they don’t look like you.


If you are overweight or obese and you have a person who makes fun of you I suggest you hang more around that person. Get angry and go to the gym. Lose weight and start living more healthy. Stick it to their face and make fun of them when you will be fitter and have a better looking body. It might be a worthy goal. The thing is you must not avoid reality. Reality is you friend. It will motivate you and make you get the life you want. Life is not fair and achieving something is never as easy as we think. Work is the cornerstone of reality. If you like to delude yourself you can pretend work is fun. That is a much more helpful illusion than thinking all is fine and that it’s normal to be fat.

It’s in your power to get cured of obesity or to keep it away from your body. There aren’t any invisible forces. You are the sole responsible for your body and health. No one can make you more sexy but yourself. You don’t get sex appeal from thin air you get it through hard work and discipline. Everyone that you see fit and in a good physical shape is working to stay so and keep his/her shape. You have to do the same and put an end to the obesity black plague.

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