Workout clothing: How to choose the best workout wear for you

April 22, 2009

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It is possible to find and buy workout clothes that will put your current sexy assets on display. And when your body is all sexy you can upgrade your workout wear to a version that shows off more of the new sexy workout results. When you see a good looking, even sexy, person staring at you from the mirror, you are even more motivated to workout. You will be even more motivated to get the smoking hot body of your dreams. When it comes to workout clothing comfortable is the keyword. You should only wear comfortable clothes when you workout. And as an added bonus they should be good looking too. It helps your self-esteem. Your workout gear should let you move freely and keep your body temperature at normal levels.

The first step in improving your workout look is to go into your workout wardrobe and throw out the clothes that don’t fit you or look like they could be a beggars clothing. Also you should get rid of all the workout clothes that are made of synthetic fibers that don’t let your body breath and sweat freely.


Then you should consider your workout routine. If you get changed in a locker room a big bag, in which you can pack easily all your workout apparel, is a good investment. You should get into the habit of keeping your workout bag near the washing machine so you can clean your workout clothing frequently. If you leave your home all dressed up in your workout clothing then a good looking, maybe a little sexy, clothes should be your aim. You will feel good every time you enter or leave the gym. Also this kind of workout clothes make it possible for you to take long walks outdoor into nature and enjoy a beautiful day working out.

Picking out the workout wear for the hour long workout can be a difficult and challenging task, especially when you feel a little out of shape. Take a big breath in and focus on the main aspect: choosing workout clothes that make you feel good and motivate you continue with your workout plan.

Don’t use any kind of trousers that stay to close to your feet. They bring out and into the spot light all the fat deposits from your feet, hips and butt. Instead buy a pair of trousers that are straight and have elastic fibers. Also you could pick trousers that are more wide towards the bottom to create the illusion of a more slender figure.

As a top you can use a sleeveless t-shirt because they are more practical when you start to sweat. If your arms aren’t that sexy you can use t-shirts with sleeves. You should also buy some anoraks without a zipper that you can wear over the t-shirt your worked out in. Long sleeves tops can be worn over your shoulders or tied around your waist, were you feel you need some extra warmth. Your workout t-shirts shouldn’t be too long. The perfect workout t-shirt covers just half of your butt, nut if you feel you need longer t-shirts you can experiment with longer ones. Old warn-out t-shirt look bad, their color gone, and can make you look sloppy and affect your workout morale.

If you are a woman you should also buy a sports bra that offer more support than an ordinary bra. A sports bra is made out of special materials that make them more durable and let the skin breathe. On top of it you can wear a sleeveless top, not necessarily with thin straps.

As a final advice buy only black workout clothes. Black doesn’t only make you look thinner but it’s also a stylish choice. But if you don’t like black that much buy workout clothes that have your favorite color. One base color workout clothes make you look good regardless of the base color you choose. Just pick one and stick to it. Have fun and lose weight looking stylish while working out.

If you have any workout fashion ideas write them down in the comments below and help others enrich their workout look.

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