Low Calorie Diet Plan: the low calorie low carb raw food diet

September 21, 2009

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A low calorie diet is the best plan in the battle for weight loss. Having a healthy low calorie low carb diet packed full with nutrients vitamins and minerals is not only the best plan for losing weight and staying fit but also for being more healthy. I have personally researched and tried out this special, easy to use, cheap to maintain and very effective low carb low calorie diet plan. I feel more energetic, my skin looks younger, I feel less tired, I eat less and also save up more on food and also time since I cook less. That’s right, I cook less with this diet plan since it’s based on raw healthy organic foods that are low calorie low carb and packed full with Vitamins and fibers.

Now let’s get down to business. You have to choose between 2 diet plans. Do you want to loose weight really fast and feel healthier and sexier? Or do you want to loose weight steadily over a longer period of time?

For this low calorie diet plan to work as fast as possible, and I’m talking like exceptional results from the first week you implement it, you must change some bad habits and adopt some good ones. No more sodas or any other commercial drinks except for mineral water. No fast food of any kind. No more sweets and any other high calorie snacking habits you might have.


Also you will have to workout. Start going to the gym or workout at home, it doesn’t matter. Take 1-2 hours a day for working out. Start off with a light warm-up, then do the anaerobic exercises first then aerobic exercises.

Now for the diet plan. Go to the supermarket and buy the following items: carrots – 5pounds, red peppers – 2.5 pounds, green peppers – 2.5 pounds, green salad, oranges – 5pounds, lemons – 5 pounds, bananas 2.5 pounds milk and cacao solids also known as cacao powder and 1 liter of Virgin olive oil and some whole wheat cereal.

When you wake up in the mornings drink plenty of water. Your body is dehydrated and drinking mineral water will help it function right.

For breakfast I recommend that you eat 2 fists full of whole grain cereal with milk. Juice one lemon and mix the juice with water. Lemons are rich in vitamin C. Did you know that out of all the nutrients and minerals out of whole grain cereals your body only takes 20% but if you drink one cup of fresh lemonade you take in almost 80%. The vitamin C in the lemon juice helps you get the maximum amount possible of calcium, iron and others. It also gives you energy and since the only aftereffect of drinking lemon juice is thirst, you will also drink more water. Which is good. Also, eat one raw piece of fruit or vegetable. You can eat a carrot, a red or green pepper, or some green vegetables like some salad. Don’t eat any bread, or at least as less as possible. If you absolutely must, eat some whole grain bread.

Lunch is trickier since your probably at work. Don’t give in to the temptation of junk food, doughnuts, sodas or sweets. Instead pack your own lunch, one banana and an apple, or maybe a carrot. This is way better and you will feel more energetic.

Since this is a low fat high fiber low calorie low carb diet, you will have to eat virgin olive oil daily. Virgin olive oil is has lots of unsaturated fats which are good for you’re your body, like joints, wrists and articulations. It also is rich in vitamins which keep you healthy and make your skin glow.

For dinner, have a salad. Cut one green pepper, one red pepper, one red hot pepper, and some salad leafs. Mix well, add a pinch of salt and olive oil. Enjoy. After you eat, drink another lemonade. If you get hungry again in a couple of hours, don’t fret. Have another piece of fruit or a carrot.

This low calorie diet plan is based on results. It is based on the power of raw foods. It is low calorie low carb and packed full with fiber. You can choose to eat any vegetables you like as long as you eat them raw. Also, as time goes by, keep adding to this low calorie diet more healthy things like nuts and seeds. If you manage to find and buy organic cacao beans those are worth their weight in gold. The have one of the highest contents of calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and many others. Eat a couple daily, or you can make homemade chocolate.

This is the best low calorie diet plan for a healthy happy life.

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