Best Acne Treatment: How to get rid of acne, zits and pimple

September 18, 2009

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Everybody wants to look good. So normally everybody wants to have good looking smooth healthy skin. Facial skin is especially important. This is were most people look when talking to somebody, and in intimate relationships lovers touch and kiss each other’s face. Clear skin, especially acne free clear skin is important and I will teach you the best acne treatment. My method is cheap and easy to use and even people who don’t have acne can use it to achieve fresh, smooth, healthy looking skin.

As with all skin diseases please consult a dermatologist on how to get rid of acne. A specialist can give you the best acne treatment and point out the best possible cure for your skin issue, be it acne, zits, pimple or any other disease. Also, if you suffer from severe acne, acne scars, acne rosacea, body acne or acne cysts you absolutely must visit a dermatologist.

As with all good cures, you will require patience, time and a good healthy diet.


My homemade natural acne treatment consist of a good diet for which I recommend browsing thru the site, and a special homemade acne cream which is cheap and easy to make. You will need 2-3 large lemons, 250ml virgin olive oil, 250gr of honey a blender and a clean jar at least 600gr big.

Juice the lemons and ad the juice in the blender. Ad half the honey and blend for about 30 seconds. Then ad the rest of the honey and blend for about 1minute. Then gradually ad the olive oil and mix well for a couple of minutes or till you notice that the mix is homogenous. The end result should be a slightly viscous somewhat sticky liquid. Place the mix in the jar. Make sure that the lid can seal tightly.

The lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C which is a natural anti septic or anti bacterial and anti infectious agent. It is also a good cleaning agent and will remove exes sebum and dead skin cells. The olive oil has good unsaturated fats and it hydrates the skin. It is also rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Honey contains Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B3 known as niacin. It also helps the mix stick to the skin

How to get rid of acne, zits, pimple using this homemade acne treatment: Apply the acne cream directly onto the skin. You don’t have to cleanse the skin before applying. After you apply sufficient acne cream, gently massage the skin for about 1-2 minutes. You have to leave the acne cream on the skin for at least 15 minutes. During this time you can watch TV or surf the net. After the time passes gently wash your skin with plenty of warm water. Only wash it once, don’t use soap and don’t use a towel to dry it. Leave it dry on it’s own so that the water hydrates your skin. Apply this acne treatment at least once a day, but for great pimple free results use it 2 times a day, once in the morning and once at night. After a couple of hours the ingredients inside the acne cream will start to separate. Don’t fret, remember how I said to have a jar with a tightly sealed cap? Just shake the jar until it mixes the ingredients again, then use the acne treatment.

Remember that it takes approximately 6 weeks for healthy skin to regenerate itself. So the best zits free results will take about 6 weeks to fully show themselves. Also, the skin needs a lot of vitamins and minerals to remain healthy, such as Vitamin A. That is why I strongly recommend a healthy diet based on fresh raw fruits and vegetables.

This skin cream isn’t only for acne treatment, curing zits and pimple. I also recommend it for keeping your skin smooth and healthy. You can use it for your whole body, not only your face.

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