Creative Juicer Recipes: How to create your own juicing recipes

For me juicing is an art and every juicer recipe that I create is a small masterpiece. Some recipes are more inspired than others, but I always enjoy my creations. I use varied fruits and vegetables and let my creativity flow wildly. I also ask my body what it needs and I make user I include fruits and vegetables that contain what my body craves. That way I stay healthy and in top shape all year round.

There is no secret to creating juicer recipes. All you have to do is think what fruits and vegetables you would like to eat and put them all in the juicer. To make sure that the fruits and vegetables go together you can use your imagination.


You already know how all the fruits and vegetables taste. All you have to do is imagine how they would taste if they are all blended together. At first it might take you some hit and misses until you get your inner juicer recipes creator calibrated to creating fabulous tasting juices that are super healthy and beneficial.

Many people believe that they cannot create their own juicing recipes. They are wrong. It is as saying that you cannot draw. Drawing comes natural to everyone. You might not be a master artist, but your creations still have value for you. And if you stick to creating new juicer recipes daily you will become a juicing master in no time.

The best part about creating your own juicer recipes is that you will make juices that you enjoy and are beneficial to your health. Because you let your inspiration guide you in the creation process of the juicer recipe it will include all the fruits and vegetables that you like, contain essential vitamins and minerals for your body and when mixed create an unique flavor that you will absolutely love.

To get you started right now on creating your own juicer recipes, take a piece of paper and write down a juicer recipe right now. Write the first fruit or vegetable that comes to your mind. Think what else would go with that. Add more ingredients and even write down the proportions and quantities. They should not be fixed and precise. Rough estimates are good enough.


Another great way to create unique juicing recipes is to look in your fridge and see what raw fruits and vegetables you’ve got. Then choose some of them to use in your juicing recipe. This is wonderful because you know that you have all the desired ingredients. But when creating personalized juicer recipes missing an ingredient isn’t such a tragedy because you can exchange it with another one or even leave it out altogether.

The most important thing about creating your own juicer recipes is not getting discouraged. If you create only duds take a step back and use just 2-3 fruits or vegetables in your juicing experiments. Use fruits and vegetables that you enjoy at first and as time passes broaden your horizons. You will be able to include fruits and vegetables you can’t stand now to eat in your juices and make their taste disappear. It just takes a little time and practice and soon you will become a juicing master.

A juicing recipe that I created for myself is the following: you juice oranges, grapefruits, strawberries and carrots in equal amounts together. If you want to make the juice more creamy and nourishing, you can mix the juice with 1-2 bananas in a blender. Yummy and super tasty (at least for me)

I am curious what juicer recipes you will create. Write your top juicing recipe in the comments below. I will definitively give it a try if it sounds good. Happy juicing!

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