The Best Depression Treatment: raw food treatment for depression

Depression is a fatal disease. People die because they are depressed daily. The good new is that it’s treatable. The easiest and cheapest way to cure depression is with a healthy diet, namely a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. With this you can treat all forms of depression like clinical depression, maniacal depression, suicidal depression, anxiety depression, bipolar depression, postpartum depression, childhood depression, mental depression, adolescent depression, psychotic depression, chronic depression, atypical depression, alcohol depression, may depression, adhd depression, zolof depression, psychiatric depression. Actually, if enough people would follow this depression treatment we could actually overcome any financial depression we find ourselves in. Literally any and all types of depression can be cured this way.


Now, let’s get started. I have 2 types of treatments for depression depending on your level of depression and/or budget. They consist of normal dose and mega dose. Although it is a treatment based on a diet, you are not required to cook. Actually you will probably cook less than before.

The first treatment for depression is the cheapest and easiest to follow. You just have to implement some culinary changes and results start showing within 3-6 days. You’ll need 5 pounds of fresh organic lemons, 5 pounds of fresh organic carrots, 1 pound of organic cacao beans, olive oil and any other types of fruits and vegetables that you enjoy or are in season just as long as they are fresh and organic. Just as I said before, you are not required to cook any of these ingredients. Actually you need to eat them raw. Studies have shown that if 51% of your meals are cooked the body reacts as if it is invaded and develops leukocytosis. This means that the body raises the white blood cell count above normal , which in turn stresses the immune system and weakens it after long periods of time.

Researcher have shown that all fruits and vegetables are filled with healthy natural enzymes that act as workers and help build your body. These enzymes keep you looking fresh and healthy. If you cook your food, these enzymes die in the process. Even you just slightly steam your food they die, and the proteins and vitamins are halved or worst. Vitamin C which is very important for your immune system, and also acts as a depression treatment is destroyed instantly even with low heat. For example if you put lemon juice in your hot tea, all the Vitamin C is destroyed.


The way you administer this depression treatment diet is simple. When you wake up in the morning, drink plenty of mineral water. After you finish your breakfast squeeze 1-2 lemons and mix the juice with water. Drink this after every meal. Not only is Vitamin C good for treating depression but it also is: anti toxin, anti histamine, anti viral, regulates blood sugar and is a mood elevator. Actually, Vitamin C has been and still is used to cure cancer, and not just any cancer, terminal cancer. Administered directly in the blood stream via a needle it isolates and destroys the cancer cells. It acts just like kimo therapy but without allthe nasty side effects such as hair loss, nausea and a whole list of other side effects. Doctors such as Linus Pauling who funded the Linus Pauling Institude, Professor Roc Ordman or Thoman E. Levy. They advocate that there is no upper limit within common reason for dosage used in treatment. The largest dose ever to be used was 250.000 mg Of Vitamin C per day. That’s 250ml, or half a kilogram, approximately 12oz. The only side effects recorded in some patients were just thirst (all patients) and some mild nausea and slight dizziness.

After you drink the lemonade, eat a carrot. All red or orange fruits and vegetables such as peppers, carrots, oranges, water melons etc contain beta carotene.

The last meal of the day should be made up of only raw foods if you can. If you absolutely can’t follow this rule, at least remember to also eat some raw vegetables and/or fruits. Also, consume a couple of cacao beans. Cacao beans stack up on the mineral content unlike anything else in the world. It’s the highest natural source of magnesium, the highest natural source of chromium, one of the highest natural sources iron, manganese, zinc, copper, and vitamin C. It also has the highest contents of antioxidants. Not to mention that cacao is a mood elevator. It stimulates the release of endorphins in your brain which in turn make you happy. These are the chemicals released in your brain when you fall in love.


You can simply eat the cacao beans whole but if you want to treat yourself, crush the beans or grind them into a powder, and add them to a blender or shaker with cold low fat milk and crushed ice. Enjoy.

Also, one vitamin in particular attributed as a powerful mood elevator and used to treat depression and even alcoholics, who usually suffer from alcohol depression is vitamin B3, known as niacin. Niacin is usually created in the body namely in the liver. You just need to eat some foods such as liver, lungs, kidneys, milk etc. But you can also buy niacin or Vitamin B3 at the drug store. For light depression the dosage is in between 300-500 mg daily but the dosage can go up to 1.500 mg and higher in worst cases such as maniacal or suicidal depression to name a few.

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