How to lose body fat and become sexy

Women have with 10% more body fat than men. Body fat is distributed unevenly allover the body. Women have the tendency to have more body fat on thighs during teenage, and tend to add more body fat around the abdomen and arms later in life. Men tend to have more body fat around their abdomen and in rare cases on their thighs or hands. Body fat is everywhere, from around the heart and abdomen to arms, legs and on the back. Allover the body there are fat deposits but just some of them have a proportion that affects our figure. Here is how you can lose body fat and get a fabulous loking body:

When you start working out, dieting or both you can’t chose from where to lose body fat. Maybe your body will decide to lose fatty tissue from the back because it is much more easy to reach it. Then it may consume the fat deposits from around the face, chest, thighs, abdomen without even starting to deplete its fat resources. Body fat is an excellent resource for tough times when food is scarce. And your body tries to get prepared for food scarcity all the time. It’s like getting prepared for war.


The change that takes place when you start working out brings a new strain on the resources of your body, especially if you don’t use to workout or you have stopped for some time from working out. This shock is perceived as good by your body at first and you will lose weight as intended. But people usually make a big mistake by forcing themselves lose too much weight too fast. They get excited by the fast results and increase their weight loss efforts. And that’s a big mistake. The body get’s in panic, because preservation is his key directive. The body gets the idea of a hunger going on, a food scarcity, and starts preserving its resources and getting every ounce of energy from every bite of food. All energy intensive bodily functions get severely limited, and fat burning is reduced to a minimum.

That’s why people looking for a fast weight drop get to feel a lack of focus, chronic tiredness, weakness, memory retention problems and an acute lack of energy. Ordinary tasks that used to be done easily become more complicated and hard. The right way to start working out is in an incremental measure, avoiding getting muscle soreness all the way. Also you can’t workout only the muscle you want to because you won’t get the results you want to. You have to workout your whole body. Everything is interconnected in your body. So you should work all the muscles in it farcing your body to consume and get energy from the nearby fatty tissue.

Losing weight only in certain parts of your body is called spot reduction and it is a weight loss myth. You can’t lose weight from just one portion of your body. For good results you have to work all your muscles and strengthen them all. Also a cardio workout should be included in your workout schedule, that should be between 30 minutes and 2 hours long. During the cardio workout you should maintain a fat burning heart rate. The fat burning heart rate can be calculated with the following formula: 220- your age=A ; between (A x 0,55) and (A x 0.7) is your personal fat burning heart rate zone. It is recommended to go to a gym where your personal fitness trainer will create for you a workout schedule that will strengthen all your muscles and work all your body. That way your caloric consumption will sky rocket and you will lose weight faster.

Only by combining the aerobic and anaerobic workout can you expect to reap fantastic results and get the sexy body that you deserve. To lose 30 pounds is easy if you set your mind to it. I wish you lots of luck.

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