5 myths about workout and fitness and the truth about them

You can get information about fitness and working out all over the place. But unfortunately all the avalanche of advice can be confusing sometimes. Here are 5 myths about working out and fitness that I destroy or sustain just like the Myth Busters:

Myth: to see real results you must workout everyday

True. The more you workout the sooner you will see results. To maintain your physical shape all you have to do is workout two times a week for a half hour. But to re-sculpt your body and increase you physical endurance you need to workout at least three times a week for 45 minutes each time. And if you really want to lose weight you must burn an additional 2.000 calories every week. That’s the equivalent of walking at a lively pace for 6 to 7 hours.

Myth: you can lose weight localized by working out

False. Localized weight loss can only be achieved through aesthetic operations. When you lose weight by working out and dieting your body will determine itself from where it will drop those pounds first. You can’t influence in any manner form were you will lose weight. Usually you can observe that you have lost weight around the face, especially the cheeks, breasts, ankles, and abdominal region. Unfortunately around the hips and buttocks the results tend to wait for a while before they show up.


Myth: walking burns more fat than jogging

All physical activities burn fat to some degree. The intensity of the workout establishes the way in which your body uses up the fat deposits and the glucose. Usually low intensity workouts use as fuel 70% fat and 30% glucose. As the intensity rises the quantity of glucose used rises also. At maximum intensity the body uses almost only glucose, so the body almost isn’t burning any fat at all.

Myth: you have to workout using weights in any workout program

True.30% of all your workout should be made up of various weight lifting. Weight lifting and working out at the gym increases the muscular body mass which in turn burns more calories daily than fatty tissue. So a person having a bigger muscle mass will burn more calories than a out of shape person, even it the first one just hangs around watching TV.

Myth: if you want a flat belly you should make as many abdominal exercises as possible

False. You can have the biggest abdominal muscles in history nobody will be able to see them if you don’t have as little fat as possible on your abdomen. For that you have to couple the abdominal exercises with aerobic exercise. For more information read the How to get rid of a pot belly and the 6 rules for a perfect abdomen article.

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