The treatment for scoliosis with physical exercises

April 26, 2009

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Physiologically you body was designed with some curves in the spine area to make it possible for it to withstand extra tension and shocks. In the cervical area, the first part of the spine that connects it to the head, the spine has the shape of the beginning of an S. In the chest area to let enough space to the various organs the curbing is the equivalent of that found in the back of the letter S, and after its neck. The lover part of a spine has the shape of the lower part of the letter S. Take into consideration that the S shape of your spine isn’t as curvy as the letter is but it is a good representation for how your spine looks. When any of the natural curves that appear in the spine gets too exaggerated, it generates modifications to the other parts of the spine. They are compensating extra bends in the natural curves of the spine, that can be more or less evident.

Scoliosis is the modification of the shape of the spine in the transverse plain of your body. You can observe if a spine is affected by scoliosis by looking at the spine from the back of the person or from a frontal observation using an x-ray of the spine. You can’t observe scoliosis by the shape of the profile or side view of the body. You have to watch it from front or back. Normally a spine has a slight S shape from the side view. But watched from the back view or from the front it should appear straight. If a spine has a starting of an S shape when watched form back or front then that spine is affected by scoliosis.


You have to know all this things to get motivated to workout and do a varied number of exercises to cure or lessen scoliosis and its effects on the body. Scoliosis can be treated completely or partially depending on how advanced scoliosis is its nature: functional(nonstructural) or structural. The muscles in our body play an important role in treating scoliosis. Besides helping you move, muscles are important in keeping a correct body posture and reducing the stress put on articulations when movements are performed. If your back muscles aren’t strong enough then when you walk, run or go up stairs almost all the weight of the upper body is sustained by the spine. If you carry a backpack or a heavy weight often then more stress is put on your spine. And guess what happens if you carry all that weight with the help of your spine for a prolonged time. Your spine starts to get deformed by all the weight because the back muscles don’t give it any support and help. But if you fortify your back muscles then your spine will be relieved of a great burden and have the time to relax and repair itself.

So the first thing you must do is to workout your back muscles using all the fitness exercises known for your back muscles. Make as much exercises for the back and as varied as possible to make sure that your muscles don’t get used to one type of physical exercise. And exercise your upper and lower back muscles equally. Also you need strong abdominal muscles because the lower back muscles aren’t that string and need all the help they can get.

You should also consult a doctor for custom tailored advice. Depending on the type of the scoliosis different types of exercises are more beneficial than others. Also a personal trainer that has proven experience in treating spine problems should be used if possible. He will make sure you will do the right type of physical exercises that are best for your type of scoliosis.

For more information on spine disorders and how they can be treated by physical exercises read The treatment of kyphosis and lordosis with physical exercises article.

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