The treatment of kyphosis and lordosis with physical exercises

April 27, 2009

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A back lacking strength, weak lower and upper back muscles combined with weak abdominal muscles and buttock will only help aggravate and accentuate spine disorders. When you will workout all those muscles your spine will get enough help in sustaining the upper body weight and will have time to repair itself.

Kyphosis is an exaggerated outward curvature of the thoracic region of the spine resulting in a rounded upper back. When it comes to treating kyphosis with physical exercises there are specific medical exercises that are important to do. Your spine has a slight S shape when watched from one side of the body. When the curvature of the thoracic region gets more accentuated the lover curvature can’t remain the same. The lower curvature will compensate for the upper curvature and will lead to lordosis. So lordosis is an abnormally increased inward curvature of the lower region of the spine resulting in a concave back as viewed from the side.


There are cases when lordosis appears to compensate for the kyphosis of the spine much later and in some rare cases it never appears. But in most cases weak back muscles lead to a functional kyphosis, that is treatable, that gets accompanied by functional lordosis later. After a while the functional kyphosis and lordosis become structural meaning they become very hard to treat.

In the treating of kyphosis it is recommended to start by isolating it and the creation on an inverse curvature in the kyphosic area by using a stick. Slide the stick across your back and keep it there with your hands and apply pressure on the back to make you stay straight. That way you should walk around the house and everywhere you can. The stick will correct your body posture and will make your back muscles work at sustaining your upper body weight.

For more information on spine disorders and how they can be treated by physical exercises read The treatment for scoliosis with physical exercises article.

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