How to get past the diet weight loss plateau

April 16, 2009

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Nutritionists consider that it is normal that during a diet a period of weight loss plateau to appear. The length of the plateaus lasts between 7 and 15 days usually and it happens after a couple of weeks of dieting.

Don’t panic if the scale doesn’t indicate any substantial changes in pounds. At first glance you will have the impression that your weight loss has stopped. Don’t worry that doesn’t mean that the weight loss process has stopped. You will notice that the modifications to the shape of your body will continue to appear, and after a while you will see pound results also. You have to have patience and not despair. In this time the melting of the old hard fats and of cellulite takes place. It is a complex process that needs a lot of time.


Don’t abandon the diet Double your efforts and adapt a strategy that will lead you to the finalization of your health goal.

Here are a couple of suggestions that will help you intensify the process of weight loss when you have reached this difficult point, the weight loss diet plateau. Pick the ones that you think will work best for you:

Analyze and make sure that you final goal is realistic:
How many pounds have you set as a goal to lose? Make sure that your purpose can be realized and the period of time dedicated to it is enough. Generally a healthy weight loss means 8-10 pounds per month. Every body has its own ideal weight. Don’t compare yourself with other dieting persons and don’t set for yourself a short time to lose weight. That way you will avoid disappointment. Know your body and choose methods that fit you well.

Attack the fat deposits form two directions at the same time. Attack the fat deposits from inside your body using a diet. Attack the fat deposits from outside using any of the following methods:

-Intensify your weight loss through sport alongside a diet. A good way to speed up your metabolism and to surpass the weight loss plateau is to complete the diet with physical activity. 30 minutes of aerobics or of walking, 3 to 4 times a week, are miracle makers.

-You can go to a gym to speed up your weight loss, going 3 times a week to workout. The gym workout exercises will help your muscle mass grow that in turn will help you burn calories faster.

-Intensify your weight loss through massage

-Enroll the help of plants. There are thousands of natural products to help you lose weight.

-Don’t exaggerate with restrictions and don’t starve yourself. Theoretically you should consume 1200 calories daily to lose weight. If you eat less in a short while your metabolism will slow down. If you drastically reduce the number of meals you will influence negatively the period of weight loss plateau. Many studies show that when you eat less but frequently you will lose weight more efficiently.

-Eat as many raw foods and eliminate the intake of fats. Forget pork meat and animal fats. And be careful and watch out for hidden fats in the foods you eat.

-Avoid to eat at night. Try not to eat after 18:00 pm and never before going to bed.

-Try to reduce the consume of carbohydrates. That way your body will be helped to burn the fat deposits. This goes double if you want to shed inches from your waistline.

-If you get hungry between the meals you can eat raw foods to get rid of it, vegetables and fruits with a low sugar content.

-You must drink 8 to 10 cups of liquids every day.

-Renounce the scale for a while. It will good for your morale.

-Don’t let yourself influenced by “helpful” friends and opinion givers. In reality they don’t wish for you to succeed. Many people don’t feel joy but resentment at the successes of others and they love to consulate the losers. Be a winner. Lose weight and get past any weight loss plateau.

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