Natural food and longevity

April 15, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

Longevity is closely related to what you eat and your lifestyle. In every human being, form his birth, two forces are clashing: one force of construction and one force of destruction.

The force of construction is maintained by:

  • -a balanced and natural alimentation
  • -a good circulation of liquids, at least 8 cups per day
  • -the oxygenation of cells through physical exercise and fresh clean air
  • -deep and restful sleep
  • -psychic equilibrium, a living spirit without prejudices.

The force of destruction is maintained by:

  • -unbalanced alimentation, full of fried foods, alcohol and smoking
  • -the lack of liquids that prevents the elimination of toxins
  • -not enough oxygenation of the cells because of lack of physical activity and polluted air
  • -an exaggerated intellectual effort, superficial and un-sufficient sleep, insomnia even
  • -psychic unbalance, an egotistic spirit, tending towards self destruction

If the balance is in favor of the constructive force you will live a long and healthy life, without disease. But if the balance is swaying in the other direction you have to do a conscious decision to change that.

Raw natural foods are the best treatment to gain youth and beauty. The acceleration of cell regeneration, the skin becomes elastic again, the forming of wrinkles is stopped. The glandular activity is regulated, obesity disappears, the blood vessels become clean, toxins are eliminated. Your look will become younger and fresh. The people that choose a raw natural nutrition tend to regain their youthful force. It leads to a lessening of the biologic age from 15 to 20 years of life. Yes you can feel younger and be healthier and enjoy life more.

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