Raw foods and their influence on immunity

April 15, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

"To prevent means to treat twice. That is the purpose of alternative medicine".

Raw foods nourish and heal at the same time because they contain enzymes, life springs that cannot be made. They are necessary for the sick and for the healthy alike. Our incapacity to feel the full taste of fruits and vegetables is due to the perversion of our taste buds by foods that are made with the help of chemicals. Chemicals are everywhere and they sure are tasty what can I say. Some of them can give dependence like a drug. It takes time and will to regain the pleasure of eating raw tasty foods. It will take time to appreciate raw foods at their true value. Raw natural foods are the daily medicine that strengthens the immunity system of everyone that consumes them. They protect us from diseases. Besides the benefits of eating natural products, a natural nutrition excludes the influence of synthetic products from our plates.


After two, three weeks you will realize that you have escaped the chronic tiredness. And more surprising will be the melting of the excess fat deposits. The resistance of your body will increase considerably, even if you work hard at work.

Your body will take from food only the nutrients that it needs to accomplish its functions. The rest of the substances are stored or eliminated. Every time we are sick it is said that the disease is due to a virus. Yes it is true, viruses are the ones that create the disease. The difference is that some get sick and others don’t. It consists of the capacity of the body to defend itself and annihilate these viruses. Immunity is linked to your nutrition, the toxins and the junk that we eat. Are these bad deposits a death sentence? Certainly not.

The toxins form your body, because of the lack of enzymes from the food influence your health. People that have never been sick find themselves having a heart attack that sometimes stops their life, and many of them are young. Modern medicine with all its tricks and methods is powerless sometimes and sometimes it has side effect more grave. For example we treat an infection with antibiotics and we get rid of it. But our liver, kidneys and pancreas are already sick. All we have accomplished is to exchange one disease with another that in its turn needs other medicaments. And the vicious circle is started.

Just keep in mind: a purified organism, free of toxins with the help of raw foods will fight diseases more fiercely. Don’t you deserve a better and healthier life?

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