The steps of weight loss: what you should know before you start a diet

April 16, 2009

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At the beginning of a weight loss diet we are full of hope. We hope to shed in a couple of weeks the pounds accumulated in years or decades even. Many times we are disappointed by the fact that we are not losing weight at the fast pace we wish. That is why it is important for you to understand what is happening in your body during a diet. You must achieve the psychic equilibrium necessary for the moment when you have chosen to start a weight loss diet.

If you know what the steps to weight loss are and what is the fat melting mechanism you will have faith, patience, perseverance and the willpower necessary to shed the excess weight.


What you should know when you start a diet:

-every organism is unique and reacts differently to the weight loss diet -it is normal for the weight loss to not be uniform

-don’t expect miracles in a short time

-if you will be relaxed and optimistic you will lose weight more efficiently than a negative person, tense and suspicious

-a positive attitude, belief and willpower are decisive when you wish to change your life.

I will explain in short the mechanism of weight loss. If you will be informed and relaxed, you will know what to expect and how your body will react during the weight loss diet.

It is good to be ready for the following possible situations, the steps of weight loss:

Weight loss is not uniform. You will not register any important results on the balance every day. That is why it is recommended to monitor your weight loss evolution in weekly intervals.

The pounds and inches results that you have gained change from week to week. In some cases, during the first days, it is possible that the results aren’t spectacular. Your body needs a certain period to get used to the new orders. If you tend to retain water you will obtain rapid success during the first days, after which the weight loss rhythm will slow down.

During the diet there are alternative periods of time in which appear modifications only in pounds not in inches. Of course there are time interval when pounds loss is accompanied by inch loss.

It is impossible to know how your body will react during a diet. It is difficult to estimate the final results.

The mechanism of fat melting is very complex. The fat is deposited in layers. Puffy and soft fats and excess water are eliminated fast during the first weeks. After that the harder fat deposits follow, the old and compact, petrified fat deposits. These are harder to melt.

During a diet there is a critic moment, named the weight loss plateau period, when the weight loss process apparently stops. You have to learn how to get past it. You can read the How to get past the diet weight loss plateau article to find out more to help you succeed.

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