How to become your own nutritionist

April 24, 2009

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Are you sick and tired of diets based on weighing foods, calories counting and stressful restrictions? Have you succeeded in following these diets for only 3 days before quitting and getting into a nervous breakdown? Well you are in luck!

You can become your own nutritionist if you have the willpower, intelligence and choose the tasty foods that are perfect for you. The kind of foods that help you become and stay sexy.

You have to make sure your body has a perfect balance between the energetic intake and the consumption of energy necessary for the good functioning of your body.

When you start a diet you should know that there are “anti-fat foods” that need for their digestion a higher amount of calories than the amount of calories they give. By creating the caloric deficit your fat deposits will melt away in time. These foods have been named negative calories foods because they don’t add any calories to our nutrition, but they use up more energy to be digested, favoring the elimination of fat cells from the body.


In your childhood and when you were younger you had a stable weight regardless of how much you used to eat. At a certain point in your life the equilibrium got broken because of different reasons and your body was unable to fight off the avalanche of unwanted fat. Thus you became overweight and continued packing fat deposits.

You have to relearn how to protect yourself from gaining weight. That way you will also find harmony and happiness everyday.

It is futile to workout and go to massage sessions if you keep on overwhelming your body with fatty foods that get transformed by your body in toxins and fat deposits.

The solution is to learn to choose the foods that offer you a balanced nutrition, eliminate toxins, increase your immunity and energy. They are aliments that have a minimum fat contribution, forcing your body to use its reserves for excess energy needs. By eating negative caloric foods your body needs to work harder to get all the calories it needs. As an example 100 grams of broccoli contain 25 calories but needs 80 calories to get digested.

The individual metabolism influences fat burning. You can help your body work better and burn more fats.

You can control your weight if you follow these 4 rules:

Reduce your eating desire by:

  • -drinking one glass of warm water 30 minutes before you eat a meal;
  • -15 minutes before eating a meal eat a “small hunger killer” like a small carrot, some salad, some spoons of yogurt, a small piece of cheese or a small piece of white meat. You have to choose your “small hunger killer” with care

Reduce stress and anxiety: avoid sedatives and anti-depressive medicaments because they influence water retention and can lead to dependence on them. There are natural foods that can help you out. You should try some aromatherapy, anti-stress teas and so on.

Fill your stomach to give it something to work on:

  • -ensure you stomach has a fiber bed by eating before a meal a small raw salad that will quench your hunger, smooth the digestion process, and make you eat less during the meal.
  • -don’t let your stomach stay empty for a long time because the excess of gastric juices can lead to a series of stomach diseases. You should eat at least 3 meals a day, spaced 5-6 hours apart. Between meals you can drink a natural juice or eat a fruit

Burn all the calories provided to you by the food you eat:

  • -eat daily negative caloric foods to help you meld those excess fats;
  • -be active till you die. The more you move the more calories you will burn.

For more information on negative caloric foods read What are the negative calorie foods? article.

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