Cellulite and its friends: foods that create cellulite

April 24, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

You have tried in every way to get rid of cellulite. You have smeared creams allover yourself, and you have done aerobic exercises to get rid of cellulite. All that effort was in vain if you haven’t changed your nutrition. There are food combinations that sabotage your cellulite removal efforts.

The causes of cellulite are many: genetics, hormonal unbalance, stress, lack of exercise and a fat, sugar and protein filled diet.

The number one friend of cellulite is sugar. You can get rid of a whole lot of cellulite just by renouncing eating any sugary foods. Sugar helps the cementation of the fats in your body. If you stop eating any sweets the fight against cellulite will be much more easy. When you crave something sweet try a spoon of honey. It’s much more healthy.

There are a multitude of combinations that associated with the previous causes of cellulite can lead to an epidemic of cellulite on your body. Here are some examples:

  • -one fatal combination is bread with margarine, sausages and jam.
  • -another is to combine pizza, hamburgers, pastas, deep fried food, fatty meat, cold cuts, potatoes, white bread, alcoholic beverages, coffee together.
  • -the biggest mistake is to have a dessert after a meal. Sweets should be eaten only between meals and it would be better to be fruits.



To really put a stop to cellulite you should:

  • -keep a diet made up in a proportion of 75% of raw foods. The raw foods diet has the purpose of helping you stop the spreading of cellulite and even start getting rid of it. Eating raw foods and doing aerobic exercises is a winning combination in the fight against cellulite. Also going to an anti-cellulite massage would speed up the process of eliminating cellulite.
  • -apply daily an anti-cellulite cream on the affected skin
  • -eat as much citric fruits as you want and drink lots of water
  • -reduce the quantity of salt you eat
  • -avoid sweet sodas, coffee and smoking
  • -don’t eat junk food between the meals. If you get hungry eat a smart snack between the meals.
  • -eat a healthy and big breakfast, and avoid eating sweets during the day. You should eat high quality proteins from soya, dairies, fish and chicken meat.

Foods that help you get rid of cellulite:

  • -red beet juice because it helps your liver eliminate fats form your body
  • -celery helps you avoid water retention. You should eat it raw in salads or juiced
  • -cucumbers help your kidneys work better
  • -sea weed contains lots of minerals, proteins, vitamins and iodine. It helps you get a smoother skin and prevents the cementation of fat in certain parts of your body.
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