Foods That Eat Up Your Energy Level

June 23, 2009

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Believe it or not there are foods that lover your energy level if you eat them. If you want to be more energetic you just have to stay away from them.

The symptoms of tiredness that you feel, especially when the seasons change, might have multiple causes: physiological related to the levels of hormones in your body, emotional like form stress, or lifestyle. What you eat, how much you sleep and if you workout or not all influence your energy level. The easiest to change of all these causes is what you eat and your lifestyle. Get a healthier lifestyle basically if you want to enjoy higher energy levels.


Chocolate, bonbons and pastry products all eat up your energy. They are full of sugar which gives you a sugar rush, increasing your energy levels for the moment but soon the sugar rush ends and you find yourself drained of energy. After a while you feel a drastic need to eat some more sugary foods to get the energy rush again.

Caffeine is an energy killer also. You might not think so but it’s true. Try eating a fruit or drinking fresh fruit juice when you feel you need a boost of energy. Coffee just as sugar has a energy boosting effect just like sugar: on the short term you feel energetic but afterwards you feel drained of energy.

Carbohydrates are good because they give us a state of calm and relaxation after eating them. This state gets transmitted to your brain. Well you don’t need all that relaxation during the day. You should spare it for the night, when you go to sleep. If you want to be able to focus and be alert for lunch eat a protein filled meal. Proteins get discomposed in amino acids by your body which are used by your body to produce chemical substances. Your body uses the chemical substances to change your mood and your capability of focusing.

Recharge Your Batteries by Eating Energy Packed Foods

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