Your Lifestyle Affects Your Energy Level: not exercising & sleep

June 23, 2009

Health & Motivation

The more of a potato couch you are the lower energy level you will have. This is not a myth. This is the truth. I know this because I used to be a couch potato and when I started exercising I felt more energetic all day long. When I take a break from exercising I feel my energy level dropping with each passing day that I don’t workout.

I know it can be hard to start working out frequently but once you get moving you will find it increasingly easier to continue exercising. Specialists recommend we workout in the morning because that is the moment of the day when you will benefit the most form the energy they release. Try jogging or doing some light exercises in your home. You can even do only warm up exercises. This way you won’t need any energy drinks during the day which by the way are really unhealthy.


Too much or too little sleep diminishes your energy level also. When you sleep too much your body loses its natural rhythm. That is why it is best to maintain a 8 hour per night sleep. Even if you feel tired when you wake up or you can’t sleep make everything in your power to have a 8 hour sleep per night. If you need less or much more hours of sleep you should abide to them. Experiment and find out the perfect amount of sleep for you.

It is recommended to go to sleep before midnight. Manu cannot accomplish going to sleep before the 12 hour of the night. In the weekends instead of oversleeping go out and take a short morning stroll. Nothing compares to oxygenating your brain to get a boost of energy.

Get in the habit of filling your daily schedule with lots of exciting activities that you like. Be on the move and stay on the move. That way you will gather energy form what you do and life will become more wonderful.

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