Recharge Your Batteries by Eating Energy Packed Foods

If you feel a lack of energy then you need to recharge your batteries. One great, fast and easy way to recharge your batteries is by eating food that helps replenish your energy. There are true energy bomb foods that blast a wave of energy in your body. Your brain and body gets nourished and your metabolism becomes faster.

Barley is the equivalent of a nuclear bomb when it comes to the energy it gives you. There are lots of barley based foods. All you have to do is find and eat them. Barley has 250 times more vitamin A than lettuce, 25 times more potassium than bananas, 11 times more calcium than milk, 10 times more vitamin B1 than spinach, 7 times more vitamin C than oranges. Besides giving you lots of energy, barley also has many health benefits like regulating blood pressure, weight loss and making your skin look great.

Fruits are power plants. Fruits are full of vitamins and minerals which helps fortify your immune system and improve iron absorption in your body. They also give you lots of energy. Fruits contain few calories and many of them are great food in any weight loss diet. The nutritional substances form the fruits help burn the fat deposits, strengthen your nervous system and make you energetic all day long.


Ginko Biloba is a health miracle. In Asia the curing effect of Ginko biloba leafs. Your brain and circulatory system benefit a lot when you eat Ginko biloba. Products based on Ginko biloba improve your memory and the blood flow to your brain, improving all the functions of the brain, are beneficial to your circulatory and hart, prevent strokes, increase the blood flow to your eyes improving your eyesight. Ginko biloba has many health benefits.

Vegetables and cereals give you lots of energy and vitamins, especially the vitamin B complex which gives you lots of health benefits. Dairies, greens, liver, fish, eggs, dried fruits and nuts also help you increase your energy level.

Vitamin C is great and you should remember that vitamin C can be found in other foods too besides citrus fruits. You can eat potatoes, broccoli or kiwi which have lots of vitamin C. fresh vegetables contain the vitamin B complex and also contain other nutritional elements like iron and magnesium.

Eating healthy foods usually boost your energy levels and increase you productivity during the day. Start by eating the foods mentioned above and expand your list as time passes. If you know any other energy packed foods write them down in the comments below. Get energized and be healthy.

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