The First Step of the Montignac Diet: lose weight eating healthy

June 22, 2009

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The first step in the Montignac diet is weight loss. This first step will last 2-3 months depending on how much weight you want to lose. After you reach the weight you desire you start the second step, weight maintenance. Until then your body gets used to new and healthier eating habits.

The Montignac diet is easy. You get a balanced nutrition with the help of the Montignac diet. And the best part is that you can eat whatever your heart desires, as long as you respect the rules.

The changes that take place during the first step of the Montignac diet are responsible for the weight loss. You energy level will rise, some digestive problems will disappear by miracle and you will enjoy a peaceful sleep. In this diet you eat 3 meals per day and you are allowed to snack between the meals if you get hungry.

Here are the 3 categories of foods you can eat:
-Type A foods: vegetables( with the exception of peas and beans) and raw fruits
-Type B foods(proteins-lipids): meat(anything except fried meat), fish, low fast dairies, eggs
-Type C(carbohydrates): potatoes, cereals, corn, whole grain bread and pastas, rice

All you have to do is respect the combination rules. Type A foods is the main category of foods, with which you can combine any of the other two food types. So you can combine A with B or A with C. But you cannot mix the protein-lipids type B foods with carbohydrates type C. There is no B combined with C.

There are forbidden foods too. You aren’t allowed to eat sugar, white flour, extremely fatty food, margarine, alcohol… Sugar, potatoes, dried beans, alcohol, corn, rice, are just some of the enemies of our bodies accordingly to the Montignac diet. You should avoid eating them in the first step of the Montigniac weight loss method and you can consume them moderately in the second step. By stopping eating sugar your body will be forced to take its glucose from fats.

You also are not to eat fruits in any combinations. You can eat fruits only with other fruits, as a meal or a healthy snack between meals. Also there must be a delay of a couple of hours between eating a fruit snack and eating a meal.

Here is how you can create your meals during the day:
-for breakfast you can eat fatty type B foods or carbohydrates type C foods
-for lunch you can eat type B foods
-for supper you can eat type B foods or type C foods
Whatever you choose to eat you can combine them with type A foods – vegetables

Montignac even gives us examples of foods we can eat: salads, grilled chicken and turkey meat, fish, whole grain pastas with tomato sauce, scrambled eggs with mushroom or cheese … I especially like the fact that you can eat all you want without ever needing to starve to lose weight.

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