The side effects of sugar eating

May 6, 2009

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Diabetes is the worst and most dangerous side effect of eating too much sugar. The eating of sugar and sugary foods is the worst enemy of your pancreas. In time, tired of all the effort of metabolizing huge quantities of sugar, your pancreas starts working at below normal parameters. That’s how diabetes appears. Diabetes creates major complications in your body. The future doesn’t look good at all. Specialists believe that the cases of diabetes will double if not triple in the next 50 years. The modern human has to change its eating habits if he wants to stand a chance in the war against diabetes. Pollution and stress also favor the development of diabetes, accelerating its advancement.

Dental cavities were affecting only 5% to 10% of the population under 30 years in the 20’st century. As sugar was gradually introduced into the daily nutrition the proportion of the population affected by dental problems increased to almost 95%. In countries were because of tradition or low economic development sugar isn’t consumed, there is a dental cavity incidence of 10 to 20 times lower. But when these countries experience a growth in sugar consumption they also experience and explosion of cavities.

Obesity is frequent amongst voracious consumers of sugar. People get fat not because of the caloric contents of the sugar, which is actually pretty low, but because sugar has the capacity to affect your hormonal balance. Your appetite increases and the proliferation of fatty tissue and cellulite is increased. Hormones are one of the keys that control your metabolism. There are more factors that influence your metabolism and metabolic rate besides hormones but they are very important.

Osteoporosis and problems related to the assimilation of calcium are determined to a certain degree by excess sugar eating. Sugar affect the metabolism of calcium in your body. It has been seen in people who renounce eating any sugar and get on a raw food diet an regaining of the good calcium assimilation that should take place in any healthy body.

A low immunity characterized by an increased receptivity of the body to divers diseases: viroses, candidiasis, cystitis, infectious dermatitis. It seems that sugar affects the synthesis of some hormones that are directly implicated in coordinating the activity of the immune system.

Other diseases caused by an exaggerated sugar consumption are: allergies, sclerosis, gastritis, colitis, menstrual cycle perturbations in women, rickets, anemia, sinusitis, rhinitis, asthenia.


Children who eat to many sweets have their growth affected, and can get rickets. Also their bones might become really frail thus being vulnerable to bone fractures. Excess sugar consumed by children leads to a premature puberty and behavioral problems. Children riding the sugar high have lower willpower, a tendency to be violent and low focusing power. You would do your child a favor if you bought him an fruit instead of a chocolate.

As you can see the side effect of eating too much sugar are really drastic and a major health issue. Just another reason to switch to a healthier lifestyle and eating habits.

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