The factors that influence your metabolism and metabolic rate

Hormones control the principal biochemical processes of your body and they influence your metabolism in many ways. For example the absence of the thyroid secretion reduces the metabolic rate to 50 to 60% from its normal state. On the other hand the secretion of adrenalin activates your metabolism. So living your life intensely, with passion, love and have fun daily, laugh, dance and workout and you won’t get fat because your metabolism will be stimulated to work extra hard and burn all the calories eaten. You might be even pleasantly surprised and find out that you have lost weight too.

Medicaments and your mood has a huge influence on your metabolism and how fast it it.

To a certain degree your metabolism is inherited from your parents. Everyone has a innate predisposition inherited to burn a certain amount of calories daily. The good news is that you can speed up the process if you want to do it.


Physical exercise is another crucial factor that influences your metabolism. That is why if you want to lose weight you must workout. Working out activates and speeds up your metabolism.

The composition of your body is also an important metabolic factor. Muscular tissue is a very active metabolic tissue while fatty tissue is almost inactive from a metabolic point of view. A muscular body will burn more fat during a workout than one with a reduced muscle mass.

Age and sex leave their mark on your metabolism too. After the age of 30 years your metabolism starts to slow down gradually. From the age of 30 years working out is not an option but mandatory. Keeping a healthy diet and increasing your muscle mass will make sure that your metabolic rate is at an optimum level. Also studies tend to sustain the affirmation that women gain fat faster and lose it much more slowly than men do.

Your digestion process uses a certain amount of calories. What you eat influences directly your metabolism. If you want to lose weight don’t starve yourself. Just be careful of what you eat. There are foods that help you burn the fat away.

Find out more about your metabolism at: What is the metabolism and how hard is to change it.

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