The health benefits of different fruits

May 11, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

Berries help you get better health:
-raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries help you clean your blood, detoxify your kidneys and bile.
-the cellulose from the berries helps out your digestion.
-berries are full of healthy antioxidants.
-they give a helping hand in to the cell regeneration process.

Cherries and sour cherries are really healthy and you should eat them because:
– they contain a huge quantity of potassium contributing to stabilizing the heart rate and make your skin healthy.
-cherries contain lots of antioxidants, especially vitamin C.
-if you want to go on a detoxification diet and detox your body, especially your kidneys, you should include cherries in the diet.
-if you suffer from constipation eat some cherries to benefit from their natural laxative effect.
-cherries reduce the level of the uric acid from the blood helping prevent gout.

Watermelons are great for healthy weight loss :

-watermelons contain few calories making them fabulous in any weight loss program.
-watermelons are rich in vitamin C and beta carotene.
-antioxidants are another strong point of watermelons.
-when it comes to their diuretic and detoxifying action, few fruits can compare to the miracles that is a watermelon. I love watermelons. They are my favorite fruits.



Apricots benefit your health because;
-apricots are full of beta carotene that prevents cancer and heart diseases.
-the are an excellent source of iron and potassium.
-they have many fibers and few calories so include them in any weight loss diet.

Peaches are delicious and healthy too:
-peaches are very tasty and contain few calories so they make for a great snack anytime.
-they are easily digested and contain lots of vitamin C.
-peaches also have a slight laxative effect too.

Wine is good but grapes are even healthier:
-grapes have a big quantity of potassium and few calories.
-grapes are full of antioxidants that prevent heart diseases. All the antioxidants found in wine are found in grapes minus the side effects of alcohol.

Pears are really healthy and contain:
-lots of natural sugar.
-pears help out your digestion because of their high fiber content.
-just some vitamins and minerals found in pears are: vitamin C, calcium, iodine, phosphor, iron and potassium.
-pears stimulate the secretion of the thyroid hormones.
-pears have lots of antioxidants and fortify your immune system.
-pears have a light diuretic and laxative effect.

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