The health benefits of some vegetables

May 11, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

Peppers benefit your health because they contain:
-a big quantity of vitamin C and beta carotene
-zinc that fortifies your immune system
-peppers prevent brain strokes and cancer
-peppers give you a quick boost of energy
-contain magnesium that is necessary for the good functioning of the suprarenal gland
-peppers stimulate your digestion and help you get rid of constipation

Spinach and other green vegetables:
-contain calcium that fortifies your bones, teeth and gums
-fortify your immune system
-prevent and help cure anemia because of the iron found in them
-prevent, ease and even cure constipation
-reduce blood pressure
-help you get better eyesight
-contain magnesium and manganese, two substances that are useful to persons suffering from osteoarthritis.


Tomatoes are good in a salad and also healthy:
-tomatoes contain water, helping the digestive system get hydrated
-tomatoes contain salicylates that prevent heart diseases and the thickening of the blood
-tomatoes contain lycopene that prevents male infertility and prostate cancer
-the antioxidants and zinc form the tomatoes help your immune system fight against infections and reduce the risk of their apparition
-reduce the chances for you liver to get inflamed.

The health benefits of cabbage are:
-cabbage ameliorates stomach problems and indigestion. Cabbage juice drank daily for a long period of time can cure stomach ulcers
-cabbage has a laxative effect
-cabbage juice revigorates the skin and prevents zits form appearing. It is expressly beneficial fot persons with sensitive skin
-detoxifies your liver
-strengthens your immune system.

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