The health benefits of black tea

May 29, 2009

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Black tea is a fermented tea. After the leaves have been picked they are left to whither. They are dried in warm air. Then the black tea leaves are rolled, making it possible for the fermentation process to take place. This is the most delicate and crucial phase of the making of the black tea.

Acidity, flavor and color depend on the fermentation process. Then comes the drying of the fermented tea leaves. By drying the fermenting black tea leaves the fermentation process is stopped and it preserves the taste, color, smell of the black tea. The last operation is the triage or sifting that classifies the leafs in different quality levels.


Black tea is the only tea that that comes really close to the health benefits that green tea has. Black tea is ideal for reducing the percentage of fats in your body, and in the blood stream especially. If you suffer from cardiovascular diseases you should enroll black tea as you ally in the fight.

By drinking black tea you give your body a helping hand in digesting alcohol, sugar and meat. Black tea stimulates the functioning of the liver, stomach and intestines. It balances the intestinal transit, eliminating digestive problems and bloating.

The best black tea comes from the tea trees that grow at 1500 meters altitude in the Yunnan region. These tea trees can reach the height of 7 meters. The young leafs are handpicked, dried on wicker nets and then exposed to the first fermentation process. Black tea creates an infusion that has a beautiful red glow.

Black tea has a great aroma and taste. That is why black tea is the preferred drink of Chinese poets.

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