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May 28, 2009

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You get energy from several sources. The thirst thing I think of when it comes to getting more energy is a big cup of coffee. I know it isn’t that healthy but I guess society has left its mark on me. Coffee is good for energizing you but you cannot drink gallons of coffee. Coffee is good in the morning, but drinking too much coffee is unhealthy. The side effects of drinking too much coffee are a high heart rate, stomachaches, excess water in your body making you become the best friend of the toilet.

Fruits are the best source of energy. Fruits mobilize your metabolism and burn the fat deposits. They also help you detox your body. Fruits are also great for your nervous system too. You have to eat a minimum of 5 fruits per day to benefit from a surplus of energy.

Recommended sources of energy

Bananas give your body a flood of nutritious substances. Bananas contain natural sugar that gets you energized on the spot. The energy that you feel after eating a banana is due to their rich content of vitamins and minerals. You should eat a banana when your body is weakened, or when your body or mind are under intense pressure. Studies have shown that bananas have an anti-depressive effect. They help you get rid of mild seasonal depressions or the ones determined by hormonal changes. Bananas contain an amino acid, tryptophan that your body transforms in serotonin, the happiness hormone. If you need some extra optimism eat a banana.


Ginseng is not that easily eaten in its natural form, but you should add it to your energizing food list. When you feel tired your body is in fact missing some vitamins and minerals. Go to your local natural drug store and buy some ginseng. Ginseng helps normalize your nervous system, diminish tiredness and activates your blood flow. If you need to improve the functioning of your digestive system or to make your skin healthier, ginseng is the ideal solution.

Fresh Orange Juice can replace the morning cup of coffee. For some orange juice is a great dessert. For me orange juice is a great coffee replacement. I drink it on an empty stomach in the morning and it is great. Just give it a try. You will think twice in the morning when reaching for your cup of coffee. You might even renounce the morning cup of coffee for the morning glass of fresh orange juice.

Proteins give you body the energy it needs to function daily. Other sources of energy are lipids and carbohydrates. If you workout frequently you have to eat a healthy protein rich meal before or after you workout.

For a healthy life you need to have a balanced nutrition. Don’t skip or remove from your diet some essential nutrients for your health. Eat each type of food but with moderation and you will enjoy a long and healthy life.

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