The importance of a daily healthy nutrition

May 29, 2009

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Nutrition is a crucial factor in the maintenance of your health. As an therapeutic agent what you eat plays a central role too.

Having a balanced healthy nutrition is all about knowing the eating behavior, its type and structure, keeping in mind the eating habits. You must make sure you avoid imbalances created by an unhealthy nutrition.

Lately the excess consumption of just some nutrients is associated with an increase of certain diseases in the general population. Some of these health issues include: obesity, diabetes, breast and colon tumor(neoplasm), hepatic cirrhosis. The worst health issues are the ones related to the cardiovascular system. The general indulgence in unhealthy foods is the main reason for the huge increase of heart related deaths. Heart attacks are one of the main reason of death in our modern days.


If you want your nutrition to be a spring of health and an ally against diseases, you must adopt a healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. You have to know exactly what your body need and how much energy you need daily. The easiest and most effective way to achieve this is to learn to listen to your body. Your body is constantly telling you what nutrients it needs. Listen to him and hive him what you it needs. A little tweaking and testing is recommended so you calibrate your decision making system. You have to learn how to distinguish between emotional needs and what you need.

If you have the money you can even buy the services of a nutritionist. You must get a healthy balanced nutrition if you want to enjoy a long and healthy life. All food types are needed by your body, in different quantities, at different times. Don’t eliminate some nutrients from your daily menu because your health will suffer in the long run.

A balanced nutrition takes into consideration any modification that turns up in the level of your physical activity. This is the most important element which determines the daily caloric need of your body. The centuries long effort that humans made to avoid manual labor has lead to a drastic decrease in the quantity of physical activity we get today. The bad news is that the lowering of the physical activity isn’t associated with a lowering of how much food we eat. That is why we can talk of an obesity epidemic today.

Working out just one day a week is not enough. You need to increase the frequency of workouts. The less physical activity you do during the day the more gym and jogging time you should have.

The key to getting healthy and staying healthy is having a balanced nutrition and working out frequently. Avoid spending money on pills. Use them to go on a great exotic trip and enjoy life more.

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