Stop Eating Vegetable Proteins If You Want to Lose Weight

July 7, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

If you want to lose weight everything starts with what you are eating. Unhealthy eating habits are the source of fatness. Skipping over meals, and eating on the run is really bad for your waistline. Eating fast food and junk food on the run during the day quenches your hunger but at night you will usually overeat or binge. If you add a glass of any alcoholic beverage you will gain weight even faster.

Losing weight is all about changing your eating habits. The first thing you should do is stop eating vegetable proteins. Foods containing vegetable proteins are beans, peas, soya, white bread and all the pastry products, all foods containing starch. Eating frequently vegetable proteins increases your chances of getting fatter drastically.

If you start missing the joy of eating any of the above mentioned foods you can replace them with whole grain bread or other whole grain products. If you crave something sweet eat some honey. You also must make sure your body gets all the proteins it needs. You can get proteins form cheese, eggs and fresh lean meat. An important thing to know is that animal fats aren’t fattening if they aren’t combined and eaten with carbohydrates.


From all the fruits available you should eat only the ones rich in vitamins and minerals. The fruits you eat can be sweet but must contain few carbohydrates. Good fruits to eat when losing weight is kiwi, citric fruits, apples, cherries and sour cherries. Avoid eating fruits with a high potential of making you fat like plums, pears, sweet peaches, grapes, bananas, mango…

If you get hungry between meals you can always eat a carrot. Also during the day is you get the change eat a fresh salads with lemon juice added to it. You should avoid adding vegetables rich in proteins in your salads.

You have to replace soft drinks with fresh natural juices homemade. I like drinking fresh juices made of fruits and vegetables. Natural juices are healthy and really tasty. You should definitely try them and get in the habit if drinking them when you want to drink some juice. You also have to stop drinking alcoholic beverages especially the ones that contain lots of vegetable proteins like wine or beer. Wine and beer can be really fattening if you drink them often.

In the case you have to go to a party don’t make the mistake of getting frustrated by not eating and drinking nothing. Eat meat with a salad, eat fruits and drink fruit juices. You can even spice the fruit juices with your favorite hard liquor. You can add whisky, vodka…

To really skyrocket your weight loss you must work out too. Exercising is a must and an essential part of any good weight loss plan. Yes you can lose weight by changing your eating habits but the results will appear much later. If you like fast weight loss results start exercising now.

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