Qigong: the art of improving your life

July 6, 2009

Health & Motivation

From almost 8000 years ago the Tibetans, Chinese and Indians were preoccupied with living longer, being healthier and live a high performance life. They have observed that breathing is essential to living, considering breathing an main source of life. Qi literally means breathing or air.

The qigong masters have developed many breathing techniques that are useful for strengthening or regaining your health. They have also discovered that we can live for a long time without breathing which has been proven by our modern science also. Because breathing was not the essential part of life the masters have concluded that there must be another energy source essential for life. That vital energy was also named qi.

The art of manipulating qi is Qigong and it is a fabulous way of increasing your health and physical strength. For centuries Qigong was a closely guarded secret of the masters that was taught partially to the Chinese emperors through time (that way the emperor was able to reign longer and enjoy youthfulness longer).


Through the millennium Qigong developed as a secret science about the universe and the place of man in the universal grand plan and the unavoidable rules that governs the world and universe. That is why Qigong contains all the Taoist knowledge about the universe and the mechanisms of life. Qigong also contains the traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition and healthy eating rules, Feng Shui, the rules of inter-human relationships and the guidelines for the relationship between man and Divinity.

Many non-experts believe that Qigong is only a system of exercises to improve health, having beneficial health effects on people recuperating after illness or diseases. The reality is that Qigong is very complex, After all Qigong contains all the traditional Chinese medicine over which it adds superior energetic practices and techniques for regaining nervous balance, distance therapy, methods of increasing your mental and physical performances and much much more…

If you have the opportunity to study and practice Qigong I highly recommend it. You will achieve inner peace, better health and a more powerful body.

Find out The Health Benefits of Qigong.

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